APEX Builder Extension by FOS

This browser extension for Chrome & Firefox enables you to edit static application, workspace, and plug-in files directly in the APEX Builder! With seamless integration into the existing builder screens it will vastly improve your development speed & workflow when dealing with Javascript, JSON, CSS, and Less files.

  • Minify Javascript
  • Powerful Editor
  • Customizable Layout
  • Minify CSS
  • Create New Files
  • No Dependencies
  • Less Compilation
  • Edit Multiple Files
  • Super Fast

Intro Video

Install the APEX Builder Extension

Why should I install and use it?

  1. It's open source & free to use, no strings attached
  2. It uses the same powerful code editor as the one behind Visual Studio Code
  3. It allows you to edit multiple files at once, in split screen, or optionally in fullscreen
  4. It gives you that "native programming" experience
  5. It provides JavaScript file minification and Less CSS file compilation
  6. It will make your job easier and encourage you to centralize your Javascript & CSS code
  7. It has zero external dependencies, you don't need anything installed on a server or on your desktop
  8. It will be maintained & supported for many years to come by a team of experts
  9. We plan to release new functionality and updates in the future