Application Migration

We offer services and tools to help you migrate from old technology to APEX. Whether it's an old Forms application, or Java, ADF, Powerbuilder, Delphi, or any other desktop application we can help you modernize it for the web. We can even match the existing application behaviour using a Single Page Application (SPA) design. Making sure your end users don't lose their productivity when switching to a web application.

Oracle Forms

Moving from Oracle Forms to a new technology is a big endeavour, and choosing the right technology to migrate to is critical. We have years of experience performing this task and have built a unique set of tools to make it a smooth transition. Our migration approach:

  • Analyze Fmb's
  • Partial Auto Generation
  • Track Every Detail
  • Create a Similar UI
  • Provide Similar Behaviour
  • Maintain User Productivity

Our "Forms Migration Assistant" helps you in analyzing, planning, and documenting the migration/rewrite to Oracle APEX.

We can create a prototype for you to prove our solution is the right fit for you. We will analyze a complex .fmb file for you and build a screen prototype, so you can see the process and end result. No strings attached, you've got nothing to lose, and can only gain by taking us up on this offer!

Desktop Applications

To re-create a desktop application as a web application you must use an Single Page Applciation (SPA) design style. Unfortunately standard APEX uses a Multi Page Application (MPA) design style. This is where we bridge the gap, our enterprise framework allows you to build single page applications in APEX declaratively. We can match the style of your desktop application very closely whilst allowing you to build it the APEX way. Declaratively and super fast! We have a set of over 170 plug-ins that allow you to:

  • Design Complex Layouts
  • Dynamically Load Pages
  • Refresh Everything
  • Drag & Drop things
  • Lazy Load Regions
  • Respond to many events
  • Style using Themeroller
  • Easily Translate
  • Write virtually no code

We can create a prototype for you to prove our solution is the right fit for you. We can re-create a key part of the application and show you how close we can match your existing functionality. No strings attached!