The FOEX Calendar Add-on


The FOEX Calendar Plugin is similar to Google’s calendar in functionality and behaviour giving you the flexibility you need to manage your schedule effectively. Here are just some of the key features available:

  • Multiple calendar display options (Daily, Multi-day, Weekly, Multi-week and Monthly views)
  • Pick between a 24h or AM/PM view
  • Use custom colors to define multiple calendars
  • Use the Drag and Drop feature to move events in your calendar
  • Drag & Select functionality for Days/Time to create events
  • Event Recurrence Support (i.e. repeating event schedules)
  • Week Number Support in Month View with links to jump to week view
  • Use built-in CRUD handling with computation/validation, or specify custom processing procedures

Easy Setup

Based on a query this calendar can show various views on the event data. Readonly by default, it can be easily switched to an editable calendar.

Multiple Calendars

Multiple calendars can be selected and displayed, giving the user a chance to focus on the important events.

Recurrence Support

Specify recurring events, define breaks, cancel a single event of a series, modify just some events of a series, and all other exceptions you might think of.

Get the FOEX Calendar Add-on