Change Log


v2.2.0 Change Log (May 2016)

New Features / Behavior Changes

  • Grid Multiselection – choose from 4 different types of selection modes and save selections within a page item of your choice. Note: when enabling multi selection on the grid end users will need to use 2 clicks to edit a record. You can override this by including “clicksToEdit”:1 in the additional config plugin setting.
  • Grid Cascading LOV Support – enabled by adding grid column aliases to your query and specifying the parent column within FOEX Settings.
  • Editable Tree Grid – we have added editing support similar to the grid in functionality, including support for easily saving tree nodes, which have been moved via drag and drop.
  • Master Detail – using this dynamic action plugin you can setup master detail relationships between grids, tree grids, forms, charts, list views, and big numbers. You can create multi-level relationships e.g. MDD, MDDD etc.
  • Big Number – display large numbers with optional: small numbers in the top right hand corner, font awesome icons, and control colour and fonts. The plugin also includes context menu support.
  • Static Content – display HTML in your pages with AJAX refresh capability.
  • Splitter – resize, collapse, and expand regions in a HBOX or VBOX layouts similar to panes.
See the documentation app for a demonstration of each of the new features.


  • FXP-1838 Grid searching performance improvements
  • FXP-2119 Add support for the Grid Set Items action to work with an already selected row of the grid and not just for the row selection event
  • FXP-2170 Provide support for a readonly checkbox in an editable grid
  • FXP-2171 Add date/time picker support for grid date columns which include the time format mask
  • FXP-2174 New Splitter Region Plugin to easily resize/expand/collapse regions in a HBOX/VBOX layout
  • FXP-2193 Multiple File Upload Improvements
  • FXP-2194 Google Map Improvements
  • FXP-2198 If a button label is blank and iconCls is set, reduce the button size to the icon size
  • FXP-2206 Provide the ability to customize the number format on chart item and axis labels
  • FXP-2218 Add Grid Cascading LOV Support
  • FXP-2222 Change grid allowed operations to include CREATE only and use conditional row editing to prevent rows from being updated
  • FXP-2223 Provide max rows configuration for select lists in grids, in v2.1.1 and below it was fixed at 500
  • FXP-2227 Add multi-selection support to the grid
  • FXP-2236 Add Master Detail LOV refreshing support
  • FXP-2240 Allow the developer to customize chart selection highlighting
  • FXP-2241 Provide refresh capability for the radio and checkbox groups and cascading LOV support
  • FXP-2242 Content Loader to set session state (in addition to setting page items in the browser) for URLs which call the refresh action instead of a page reload
  • FXP-2243 Provide more alternative date format support e.g. support no leading zero's on days/months
  • FXP-2244 Provide a new action to evaluate a condition which will decide if proceeding TRUE actions are executed
  • FXP-2276 Create extra Tree Grid actions
  • FXP-2283 Support #ITEM_NAME# substitutions in dynamic action jQuery Selectors
  • FXP-2312 Provide an option to decrease the load mask duration content loaded by the content loader or omit it
  • FXP-2313 Support substitutions in the RTL attribute in FOEX Application Settings
  • FXP-2335 Provide the ability to perform substitutions within the window ID
  • FXP-2343 Prevent FOEX Pages from navigating away e.g. on Backspace Key


  • FXP-2030 Cannot hide/show a regular HTML region when defined as a child of a FOEX layout region
  • FXP-2038 Calling grid refresh rows on a form item that is part of a form after a delete operation raises: "ORA- 30625: method dispatch on NULL SELF argument is disallowed"
  • FXP-2052 Grid grouping with text that contains a single quote breaks expand/collapse functionality
  • FXP-2055 The grid combo is not firing the normal APEX "change" event on value change
  • FXP-2102 Grid popup LOV issue with "Set Column Value on Column Change" dynamic action
  • FXP-2107 Excel Export of Grid Data has HTML tags
  • FXP-2145 Context menu labels with forward slashes are being escaped e.g. \/
  • FXP-2148 Code editor is submitting additional items on Form Reset
  • FXP-2151 Change detection of a developer session to use APP_BUILDER_SESSION substitution string
  • FXP-2157 Cascading LOV based on parent radio item is firing the child LOV refresh twice
  • FXP-2158 Chart issue with decimal config settings and session NLS settings defining a ',' decimal separator
  • FXP-2159 Window open action not defining the correct ID to allow window re-use with other window open actions
  • FXP-2160 Using both generic search and column filtering reuses the generic search value for the first column filter
  • FXP-2164 items/regions with duplicate DOM ID's, only the first is being removed in the before render function. This can cause display issues in Tabs
  • FXP-2167 "Display Only This Calendar" briefly hides all other calendars but then shows them all again
  • FXP-2168 Grid row actions are using the incorrect row record when grouping is enabled and a group has been collapsed
  • FXP-2188 Tree/Tree Grid load mask issue, load mask may not be removed in some circumstances
  • FXP-2192 Grid Popup LOV allowed values validation is raising ORA-01403 for values based on a return value with a NUMBER type
  • FXP-2195 Grid based on a collection with wrong column aliases does not raise an exception with a clear explanation
  • FXP-2196 Form Item Container has incorrect defaults when more than one DML form has been added to the page with a lower display sequence
  • FXP-2199 Duplicate reset button issue when more than 1 form is created on a page in APEX 5.0
  • FXP-2205 Content Loader open in a new browser window raises JS error with custom URL
  • FXP-2207 Set enableKeyEvents to true by default for the date picker
  • FXP-2208 When the reset button is hidden on the combo box it should not consume any space
  • FXP-2209 Grid does not set session state for "Page Items to Submit" on CRUD requests
  • FXP-2211 Grid Set column value on column change, Page Items to Submit not enabled for SQL Query type
  • FXP-2212 Set Column Value on Column Change for Popup LOV in cell edit requires shadow column to be updated on parent change
  • FXP-2217 Globalisation - JavaScript message typo - FOEX.JS.GENERAL.AJAX_COMMUNICATION_TIMEOUT
  • FXP-2219 APEX 4.2 IR Actions sub menus are incorrectly positioned
  • FXP-2221 Grid search uncheck search item JS error: is not a function
  • FXP-2229 Tree grid link and html expression column alias substitutions don't work correctly (Case Issue)
  • FXP-2232 Tree grid expanded parent folder CSS bug fix for custom icons
  • FXP-2234 Allow the customization of triggerAction on the popup LOV all or filter based on combo value
  • FXP-2257 Popup LOV display value with carriage returns does not correctly set the key value
  • FXP-2284 Add tab switch support for regular APEX regions which are direct children of a tabpanel/hide-show layouts
  • FXP-2290 Tree labels are showing HTML escape codes e.g. &
  • FXP-2292 Grid grouping is displaying incorrect grouping when the sorting is changed by the end user
  • FXP-2293 Child Defaults are not being applied correctly for tabpanel/hide-show layouts
  • FXP-2299 Multiple file browse items on the same page can raise a unique constraint violation on WWV_FLOW_COLLECTION_MEMBERS_PK
  • FXP-2324 Grid column renderer issue when using a highlight expression on a date column
  • FXP-2331 Grid column date format not honoured when highlighting is enabled
  • FXP-2334 Refresh Rows on parent page context issue with value #ITEM_NAME# substitution
  • FXP-2341 Row editing causes an issue with set column value on column change if only display values are set and the editor is moved not cancelled
  • FXP-2344 Popup LOV submit other items issue, only value is being sent in the ajax call and not an encoded JSON object
  • FXP-2345 Adding a row when cellEditAutoSync is enabled causes the new record to be saved immediately
  • FXP-2362 Cascading Check Boxes / Radio Groups - Not all data saved or loaded
  • FXP-2363 Fill Columns Vertically setting of Radio Groups has no effect
  • FXP-2404 Refresh rows in master detail after CREATE or DELETE does not work since we are currently refreshing by selected row

v2.1.1 Change Log (November 2015)

New Features / Behavior Changes

  • Grid & Grid Combo generic search improvements. You can now use multiple keyword searching and use AND OR NOT operators. Numeric and Date comparators (>,<,>=,<=,!=) support has also been provided for grid columns with underlying number or date data types. Case sensitivity searching can be enabled via the search menu by the end user. Search help text has been provided via the search menu.
    To translate search labels and help text please see the globalisation documentation

    To increase the size of the search width you can include the following the grid additional/custom config setting:
  • By default when a grid is created all columns are filterable. One exception to this is link columns, which have been excluded from grid filtering. This is due to the cases where the filter may match the underlying column value but only an icon is being shown, causing confusion for the end user as to why the row matches the filter. In other cases however link columns may show the column value within the link text. To cater for this situation and allow you to enable a filter this type of link column you can now include the following attribute in the report column’s additional config attribute:


  • FXP-2092 Add FOEX Actions and hide/show dynamic action support for child HTML regions of a FOEX plugin
  • FXP-2142 Prevent row selection of other rows when a grid row is being edited by the row editor and has changed values
  • FXP-2144 Provide an option to allow the developer to force the enabling of filtering on link columns


  • FXP-1832 Grid header refresh does not support PLSQL Headers and is not updating the names in the grid search plugin
  • FXP-2034 Page Item buttons are missing due to meta data changes in APEX 5.0
  • FXP-2042 Grid grouped header text excludes the next ungrouped column after a column group finishes
  • FXP-2043 Tree grid raises "Uncaught ReferenceError: me is not defined" when tree data loading is set to "Load on Page Load"
  • FXP-2047 Refresh of display item based on LOV returns the return values not the display value
  • FXP-2049 Grid refresh row number format issue with European characterset
  • FXP-2050 Cell editing and checkbox support stops the ability to edit other fields when a check or uncheck operation occurs
  • FXP-2056 Select list does refresh for a grid in cell edit mode when a save is being made at the same time a row selection change occurs and the save call is < 150ms
  • FXP-2059 A default value of Zero for the number field is not shown when no format mask is selected
  • FXP-2061 CKEditor folder tree issue when NOT using ORDS
  • FXP-2063 Tree toolbars are showing small blank space when they have no items
  • FXP-2065 The APEX 5 theme 42 template application has embed in frames set to Deny
  • FXP-2069 Radio group fires the change event when the new value being set is the same
  • FXP-2071 Cascading LOV AJAX calls under some circumstances are cancelled which raises a Message Box notification and leaves the LOV empty
  • FXP-2073 Numberfield display issue when number format is not set with a group separator e.g. 999G999D
  • FXP-2079 European NLS number settings cause a javascript error "apex is not defined" on page render in APEX 5.0
  • FXP-2080 Grid not continuing proceeding dynamic actions after grid delete action when auto save is enabled
  • FXP-2082 Opening multiple tabs quickly raises Javascript error on Ext.foex.messages
  • FXP-2083 Tab Switch dynamic action issue using #ITEM# placeholder after upgrade from 2.0.1
  • FXP-2084 Grid complete edit dynamic action in row edit mode is not cancelling other actions when there are client side validation failures
  • FXP-2086 FOEX Demo install fails when installing demo data into a non-english database due to invalid number format.
  • FXP-2088 Form plugin incorrectly excludes items on the same row if the last item of the row has a condition/authorization that fails
  • FXP-2089 Plugins with APEX List support are not currently translatable
  • FXP-2090 Tree does not automatically expand the tree root after searching/cancel search with pagination enabled or Load on Demand
  • FXP-2098 Number formats prefixed with currency symbols incorrectly set the decimal precision to zero e.g. L999G999G999G999G990D00
  • FXP-2101 Grid special checkbox editing without invoking the actual editor on click is broken when freeze columns are enabled
  • FXP-2103 Popup LOV with mode set to local incorrectly filters the list when a value has been previously selected/set when the search icon is clicked
  • FXP-2110 Invalid dynamic action raises js exception "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #,#FX_" rather than warning in debug mode
  • FXP-2111 Autocomplete firing change event for filter text on blur for remote LOV's
  • FXP-2112 Add missing CKEditor event support for blur & focus
  • FXP-2116 CKEditor height is not customizable
  • FXP-2124 Default value for a hidden column based on a date data type is not saving the default on CREATE
  • FXP-2125 Popup LOV - cascading parent LOV item doesn't show value when set programmatically
  • FXP-2126 Popup LOV showing old search value when the LOV is cleared and the LOV has no initial value.
  • FXP-2127 Grid NLS number saving issue with custom processing procedures when language is non-english
  • FXP-2128 Calendar recurrence events are not showing correctly when event items in the series are moved multiple times or deleted
  • FXP-2136 Date Picker is not refreshing dependent cascading LOV's on change
  • FXP-2137 Grid popup LOV get missing record can return malformed JSON when display NULL set to Yes
  • FXP-2139 Grid with highlighting based on #ITEM_NAME# substitution shows special characters are displayed as html-codes
  • FXP-2143 Setting filterable to No in APEX 5.0 is not removing the column from the generic grid search, only from the column menu
  • FXP-2147 Exclude Items from Form Reset does not work as expected when local reset is set to no
  • FXP-2150 Grid cell editing raises Javascript error in IE for text fields when changing rows within the same text field column
  • FXP-2153 Grid paging toolbar next button display issue

v2.1.0 Change Log (August 2015)

Behavior Changes

  1. In APEX 5.0 grid column defaults are defined within the FOEX config since the APEX removed support for defining these within the classic report. Moving forwards you will define these defaults using a PLSQL expression only. The old default settings will be automatically migrated for you when installing the latest version of FOEX. If you import an older FOEX application after the install of FOEX v2.1.0 you will need to run the following script (as SYS) to migrate the settings:

    [FOEX Source]/patches/v2_1_0/move_grid_column_default_config.sql
  2. Grid custom processing: for INSERTs use

    fx_p_grid_api.set_current_record_pk_value(p_value => val);

    instead of


    ch is deprecated.

  3. The tree grid now includes a load mask when the whole tree or individual nodes are being loaded from the server. To disable this feature please include:


    in the tree additional config.

  4. HBOX/VBOX layouts can now have fixed sized regions and scrolling capability. Set autoscroll to yes on the pane/layout plugin and then set set a fixed height on child regions for VBOX layouts and a fixed width on child regions of HBOX layouts and their flex value to Zero.

  5. The FOEX Combo will now honour display extra values

  6. Popup LOV shows full list on search icon click when a value has already been selected

  7. Grid Scrolling Pagination now supported it requires that "- No Pagination Selected -" is selected for the pagination scheme and maximum count rows is larger than the page size or is NULL

  8. To exclude pagination altogether and improve performance, grids can have the count(*) removed from the SQL query by setting the pagination scheme to "- No Pagination Selected -" and also setting the maximum count rows equal to the page size page size

  9. Grid sorting has been changed for VARCHAR/CHAR columns to sort case insensitively. This also works for LOV columns but they must have a VARCHAR/CHAR data type in the grid query. If your LOV column has a return type which is a number data type add a to_char() around it.

  10. To prevent a grid combo from automatically loading on picker expand please add:

    "autoLoad": false

    to the grid config.

  11. To hide the tree/grid search column selector menu please include “hideSearchMenu”:true in the additional config.

  12. Grid Simple Check box columns can now have their value defined within the LOV definition using a "checked,unchecked" value definition as per the apex help text. e.g. Yes,No or On,Off etc. you no longer have to use a PRE-PROCESSING procedure to set the values

  13. Message Box now supports wait for result. So actions are paused until OK is clicked for prompts, alerts, confirmations and actions are cancelled on cancel button click.

  14. Number items are now consistent in both modes and will show the number format based on the item format mask when the field is blurred. This is consistent across all application translations. The decimal precision default for number items has been defaulted to zero. This may affect number items which relied on 2 decimal places when the format mask was NULL

  15. If you see the following message:

    ORA-20001: The Grid does not currently support the combination of infinite/buffered scrolling and editing. 
    Please either use a pagination scheme or set maximum rows to your page size in the report properties.

    This is because "No Pagination" has been set but the number of rows does not match maximum row query count and grid editing is enabled. Please choose any other pagination scheme than the "- No Pagination Selected -" scheme.

New Features

  • APEX 5.0 Support (4.2 support is still available in this release)
  • New Application template based on the Universal Theme
  • CKEditor Plugin with Image Support


  • FXP-2025 Provide a function to Re-compute the layout for the viewport in the child iframe on tab change/switch:
  • FXP-2015 Add tree load mask to show loading is in progress and avoid duplicate refreshes
  • FXP-1949 Allow the developer to override the default grid config that is applied within the plugin e.g. grid maxHeight
  • FXP-1948 Provide an option to include the builtin row editor error summary
  • FXP-1940 Increase FDA help text 4K limit to 32K to support more documentation information
  • FXP-1938 Add conditional checkbox tree support using the CUSTOM column definition in the tree query
  • FXP-1927 Allow the content to be scrolled if the height is larger than viewable area for HBOX/VBOX layouts
  • FXP-1890 Resolve number format inconsistencies for the FOEX Number field across languages
  • FXP-1889 Provide the ability to customize the tree grid buttons that are provided e.g. expand/collapse/refresh using the additional config setting e.g.
    "fxCollapseAllCls":"fx-icon tag", 
    "fxExpandAllCls":"fx-icon tag", 
    "fxRefreshTreeCls":"fx-icon tag"
  • FXP-1886 Provide an option to write all grid records in the store back to the server
  • FXP-1884 Provide the capability to override the region title using additional config setting "title"
  • FXP-1882 Provide the ability to change the Popup LOV page size
  • FXP-1873 Change the Popup LOV to show the full list when the search icon is clicked and a the current value is a store value and filter only when typed search has been entered
  • FXP-1863 Provide an option to hide the teee/grid search plugin column selector
  • FXP-1856 Provide the option to remove "count(*) over ()" from the grid query for developers that are impacted by its performance
  • FXP-1852 Provide additional actions to the form e.g. clear the dirty status, discard changes, enable, disable etc.
  • FXP-1830 Add shuttle and multiselect support to the toolbar
  • FXP-1826 Add clear filters to the grid actions plugin as well as several others e.g. export
  • FXP-1825 Add an option to be able to prevent entries from a shuttle being added or removed
  • FXP-1821 Add case insensitive sorting to Grid VARCHAR/CHAR columns
  • FXP-1812 When the read only status changes on form items we should only be toggling the status, not showing them as well
  • FXP-1805 Add infinite scrolling support to the grid
  • FXP-1793 Provide an option to discard form/grid changes on alert pending changes dynamic action
  • FXP-1790 Provide the option to float expand a pane on mouseenter, not just click
  • FXP-1771 Provide a "Before SAVE" event that lets you delete rows from a grid before it is saved
  • FXP-1769 Add header & footer hooks to the CKEditor viewer plugin to output additional supporting CSS and Javascript
  • FXP-1764 Add an "After Close" event to the window plugin
  • FXP-1760 Provide an option to not autoload the grid combo, and to only load when searched.
  • FXP-1758 Change the default checkChangeEvents behaviour on all grid column editors to exclude keyup.
  • FXP-1755 Add the column context info to the aftersetitems event in the grid set column value on column change action.
  • FXP-1624 Add support to the tabpanel to support the index position in the tabchange event


  • FXP-2014 HTML Editor Paste issue on right click, changes not saved if no other action in the field is performed before form saving
  • FXP-2013 Grid Form bind raises JS error when mapping grid checkbox column
  • FXP-2002 Grid combo focusOnSearch:true does not focus correctly, only when the down arrow is clicked
  • FXP-1997 Select List (Static LOV) raises error on grid column sorting
  • FXP-1969 Grid combo translation support missing for the pagination text
  • FXP-1968 Grid CLOB data support issue for string > 32K
  • FXP-1960 Error when multiple Page Items to submit defined at FOEX Grid - Set Column Value on Column Change
  • FXP-1958 Cascading LOV does not clear dependent LOV cached search values causing the same search value to be ignored after a selection on the parent.
  • FXP-1957 Charts not rendering in some cases when STATIC ID has been set
  • FXP-1955 APEX dynamic action Cancel event is not working
  • FXP-1954 CKeditor z-index issue for dialogs when opened within windows
  • FXP-1952 In Chrome 43 charts can fail to render on load.
  • FXP-1947 Type ahead incorrectly enabled when forceSelection is enabled
  • FXP-1936 Set column value on column change issue with to_number in SQL query for varchar/number display/return type
  • FXP-1932 Grid Combo Cascading LOV Reset not clearing dependent items
  • FXP-1929 Cascading LOV issue in IE, value is shown momentarily then erased.
  • FXP-1928 Cached toolbar regions with links to other apps are not having their session value replaced correctly for application caching
  • FXP-1926 Grid cell editing mode and row select action raises js error "Cannot set property 'value' of undefined
  • FXP-1925 Combo should set forceSelection to false when LOV specifies display extra values to Yes
  • FXP-1891 Tree Grid Hide/Show columns dynamic action raises javascript error "widget._getColumns is not a function"
  • FXP-1881 Adding a static ID to a toolbar region causes the viewport to break on page render
  • FXP-1880 Combo multiselect misaligned in the toolbar when a record is selected
  • FXP-1878 Images in display columns affects the row editor button position
  • FXP-1876 Grid/Tree Combo does not reset the search on form reset
  • FXP-1875 Calling the grid action "Clear Grid Data" does not reset the paging toolbar
  • FXP-1872 Calling fx_p_utils.escape_json on CLOB value can raise ORA-01482: unsupported character set (Oracle Bug)
  • FXP-1871 Popup LOV Set Value issue when combined with a Casdcading LOV refresh
  • FXP-1868 Multiple CLOBs on a page duplicate the previous CLOB's value and append their own value
  • FXP-1862 Submenu's hide in Chrome 43 when mouse leaves parent menu
  • FXP-1861 Grid shows NaN for negative decimal numbers between 0 and -1 with non-decimal format mask
  • FXP-1859 truncated "show" field in pagination bar of grid
  • FXP-1855 Alert on pending changes is missing "Wait For Result" and should cancel TRUE actions when pending changes exist
  • FXP-1849 Cell editor is duplicating data to next cell on tab when cell data is changed in some circumstances (Ext JS Bug)
  • FXP-1845 Popup LOV shadow column is being validated which results in the maximum character length of 24 not 27 characters.
  • FXP-1844 Grid validation errors don't highlight if there is a type mismatch on the primary key
  • FXP-1840 CKEditor fullscreen issue (caused by embed in frames security attribute)
  • FXP-1836 Ensure that all grid file download format masks use content disposition "Attachment"
  • FXP-1833 Form refresh shows [CLOB] value for strings larger than 32K on page load when form primary key is set
  • FXP-1831 Popup LOV local & remote store set value issue when Force Selection is "No".
  • FXP-1828 Grid Combo does not reset other items when LOV query returns no result
  • FXP-1827 Columns with Select List LOV's raise ORA-00904: invalid identifier when a sort sequence is provided
  • FXP-1824 Using format masks raises ORA-01722: invalid number on page items with no DB source and value is set in session state
  • FXP-1823 Adding "locked":true to tree grid columns raises a javascript error on page load: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
  • FXP-1822 Grid combo set other items does not take the grid combo default value into account on page load
  • FXP-1818 Grid column header text for grouped header columns is not visually styled when a filter is active
  • FXP-1816 Calling the validate action in Grid Actions can raise a javascript error "persist" is undefined
  • FXP-1814 Post calculation is not being honoured for form items on page load.
  • FXP-1809 When daterange validation is used the restriction should be cleared on form reset
  • FXP-1808 Grid export "filtered report data" raises javascript error "getFilterData is not a function" when using freeze columns
  • FXP-1807 Tabbing is broken in cell edit mode, it can only advance 1 row before stopping.
  • FXP-1806 Do not show the context menu if there are no menu items (Dynamic Context Menu Action)
  • FXP-1800 Content Loader Closable option not honoured when adding content to fit, hbox, vbox layouts
  • FXP-1798 Window open dynamic action is not reloading URL's when the URL is different and close mode is set to hide
  • FXP-1796 FOEX Popup LOV - Contains & Ignore does not search inside the string in local mode
  • FXP-1787 CSV separator in GRID export is not using the NLS default (i.e. German is the language)
  • FXP-1768 Problem with Set Column Value on Column Change with text fields, event does not fire
  • FXP-1767 Export visible rows issue on editable grids in some circumstances can raise: ORA-20101: JSON Parser exception
  • FXP-1765 Accordion within a form anchor layout raises a javascript error on expand of a hidden slice
  • FXP-1762 Only one cycle button can be added to a region, if you add additional cycle buttons to the same region they are not rendered.
  • FXP-1761 Items without a region assigned raise an Viewport PLSQL error on page render
  • FXP-1759 FOEX Window Open ignores URL Parameters on consecutive open
  • FXP-1746 Tree grid based on PLSQL Function does not remove generic columns correctly and raises ORA-00904
  • FXP-1741 Using a dynamic action Refresh action on a display field removes the item label
  • FXP-1740 Open content in new browser window does not work for custom URLs
  • FXP-1684 "Display as Text, based on LOV, does not save State)", the underlying database column is numeric, and the LOV returns a character value, the resulting value in the grid column is "NaN"
  • FXP-1549 Ensure that direct children of an accordion have preventHeader: false to avoid a JS error
  • FXP-1139 Grid simple checkbox does not support simple Checkbox values definition defined in APEX help text

v2.0.1 Change Log (March 2015)

Behavior Changes

  1. The form plugin now supports saving CLOBs > 32K for textareas and HTML Editors

New Features

  • FXP-1657 Create a new layout type called "Hide/Show" to act like a tabpanel without the tab header


  • FXP-1734 Add the ability in the content loader to set the content title within the action attributes when using triggering element URL
  • FXP-1731 Code editor grabs focus on load, provide an option to avoid this
  • FXP-1722 Include new page sizer plugin in the grid and list view for consistency with chart paging
  • FXP-1716 Add option to grid row select dynamic action to prevent grid focus on row selection
  • FXP-1701 Change the ordering of set session state on grid/treecombo values prior to set value and change event firing
  • FXP-1700 Provide the ability to validate a grid without saving data
  • FXP-1698 Add a new form API call to check if the form plugin is rendering to be used in SQL or PLSQL
  • FXP-1697 Allow FOEX Set item action to support local page #ITEM_NAME# substitution on page item names
  • FXP-1694 Provide the ability to disable the toggling of grid grouping through the column menu
  • FXP-1693 Code Editor javascript error on page load when value is NULL
  • FXP-1691 Provide an option to reset pagination on grid refresh
  • FXP-1687 Create a new grid actions e.g. cancel edit, complete edit, duplicate rows, add rows
  • FXP-1665 Provide the ability to delete a grid record using the event record passed in i.e. in combination with an action click event
  • FXP-1664 Provide the ability to trigger a row select in the Grid Column Action when clicked
  • FXP-1663 Provide the ability to suppress the delete confirm message in the grid delete action
  • FXP-1646 Remove the X icon in text fields in IE10
  • FXP-1645 Create a new toggle button demo
  • FXP-1643 Add documentation around the Window plugin and close/open action for DA and region plugin
  • FXP-1641 In the Popup LOV plugin ignore the current value when filtering
  • FXP-1639 Create new action within the grid actions to add rows to a grid and duplicate rows.
  • FXP-1606 Cross page refreshing and setting items improvement to support cross tab operations opened by content loader and window open.
  • FXP-1600 Add support to the grid combo to allow the developer to override emptyText and other settings

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-1735 Form scrolling to the top in some circumstances when a checkbox or combo changes on long forms and scrolling has occurred.
  • FXP-1725 Notifications slide in too low when multiple notifications are shown i.e. more than 1
  • FXP-1724 Date Picker Min and Max Value issue when using a date format like 201503050000
  • FXP-1720 Grid collection INSERT can raise "ORA-01006: bind variable does not exist" when using a mix of display only and editable columns
  • FXP-1719 ORA-00911 when searching a grid with a numeric column with a format mask
  • FXP-1715 $v NLS Number Issue, returns in raw number format rather than string format.
  • FXP-1712 Pending changes check does not stop page unload event when bound to page unload apex event
  • FXP-1710 Form raises ORA-06502 on INSERT for large tables
  • FXP-1709 Grid file download format mask: File download error: "An unhandled exception occurred. Response could not be read !"
  • FXP-1706 Remove 5px right padding on form items that appear on the same row to ensure they align correctly
  • FXP-1705 Enhance button redirects to perform #ITEM_NAME# substitutions
  • FXP-1704 Row editor can move across rows when edits are outstanding, and loses the changes.
  • FXP-1696 Ext.foex.utils.trimUrl bug for APEX URL item values that have dots
  • FXP-1689 Setting item's with NULL values via a dynamic action should not trigger Not NULL Validation Failure
  • FXP-1686 A form with a read only condition that evaluates to FALSE is always evaluated as TRUE
  • FXP-1682 Grid column defaults referencing page items which do not have a value set in the browser are returned null during the CREATE operation instead of returning the session state value
  • FXP-1680 Refresh grid row on parent page raises a javascript exception
  • FXP-1679 All lazily rendered regions need to be able to be referenced in dynamic actions when not yet rendered.
  • FXP-1678 Add support to be able to hide the grid combo search plugin using "excludeSearchPlugin":true
  • FXP-1677 Alert on pending actions needs to stop other actions when it has pending requests
  • FXP-1676 Page items need to be able to be referenced in dynamic actions when not yet rendered, but the form is rendered.
  • FXP-1667 Calling the FOEX Action -> Set Items on a button item raises a javascript exception
  • FXP-1662 Delete selected row grid action bug, "cancelEdit is undefined"
  • FXP-1661 Grid row select set item issue when the value is Zero (number) it sets it to null
  • FXP-1656 PLJSON raises ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
  • FXP-1653 the Form Item container type does not update session state correctly on the validation operation
  • FXP-1652 LOV Page Item setting is adding a trailing "dot" in some circumstances which we do not recognize.
  • FXP-1648 Grid null values are being reported as "null" for column links and Popup LOV columns with display extra values set to "Yes"
  • FXP-1635 Grid special checkbox editing is not automatically enabled in v2.0
  • FXP-1634 Read only item default values are not correctly set in session state on CREATE for the Form
  • FXP-1631 Call grid.view.refresh causes the grid to jump back to the top
  • FXP-1630 FDA raises version change alert when updating the FOEX Application Settings version when adding hotfix extension
  • FXP-1625 Desktop raises javascript error "last.el" is undefined on some occasions
  • FXP-1621 Grid combo search loses focus immediately on focus and the input element is editable when it should be read only
  • FXP-1612 Change grid filters to use POST instead of GET to avoid hitting URL length limit and increase to 150 allowed filters
  • FXP-1607 Multiple forms on the same page raise checksum error in some cases
  • FXP-1601 Neptune theme adds a fixed height to the display field within class x-form-display-field
  • FXP-1599 Provide support for the desktop toolbar button menu width to be changeable
  • FXP-1597 Form hidden item raises checksum error on submit when a default value is used
  • FXP-1577 Desktop Window size way too small, possibly caused by state saving issue

v2.0.0 Change Log (November 2014)

Behavior Changes

  1. APEX 4.1 support has been dropped. V2.0.0 supports APEX 4.2 only, we plan to add support for APEX 5.0 shortly after its public release in a new version of FOEX e.g. 2.0.1.

  2. The underlying Ext JS library has been upgraded from Ext JS 4.0.7 to 4.2.3. If you have written any custom javascript you will need to restest this to ensure it’s compatible with the new Ext JS version.

  3. (Grid) highlighting has changed for cell editing your must change the prefix of "x-grid-cell" to "x-grid-cell-headerId". Refer to the Grid Highlighting demo in the documentation application which includes extra CSS settings for row selection and row hover.

    .alert .x-grid-cell-GRID1-col-PRODUCT_AVAILABLE {
      background-color: red !important; 
      color: white;
    .alert .x-grid-cell-headerId-GRID1-col-PRODUCT_AVAILABLE {
      background-color: red !important; 
      color: white;

    Remove the !important from row highlighting CSS, leave in place for cell highlighting. E.g.

    .price-ok td {
       background-color: lightgreen !important;
    .price-ok td {
       background-color: lightgreen;
  4. (Form) attribute "allowed operations" has been changed from a select list to a checkbox

  5. (Form) ) Form CRUD processing security has been enhanced. Read Only item default values will be computed serverside and updated in session state for the CREATE operation only if their current session state value is NULL. This is to ensure that they pass any NOT NULL validation checks and adhere to standard APEX behaviour.

  6. (Button) All FOEX Button click handling dynamic actions should be moved over to "FOEX Button - Normal Button Click" to ensure that toolbar overflow handling works correctly as well as ensuring actions don’t fire on disabled buttons.

  7. (Menu Items, Context menu items, Button Menu Items) items are no longer output with the ID anymore due to DOM naming conflicts. Javascript Expression In Ext JS 4.2.3 any menu items with the same ID are displayed incorrectly (the text can appear over the top of each other).

  8. (Menu Items, Context menu items, Button Menu Items) All dynamic actions for these types should listen to the context menu/menu item click event (not a regular click event and an ID jQuery selector) and use a condition to filter for the"STATIC_ID".

  9. (Menu Items, Context menu items, Button Menu Items) If you have defined URL links in your context menu, button menu, toobar menu's and you want them to replace the current page rather than using a content loader/window open dynamic action then you need to include "fxFollowLinks": true within the custom config.

  10. (Documentation Plugin) The background colouring of the plugin has been changed to be consistent with the chosen theme colouring.

New Features

  • Chart Plugin with support 8 chart types and multi series support.
  • Dynamic Form Plugin
  • New Theme with 12 colour variations
  • New UI capability within each theme to have 6 additional colour variations
  • Right to Left UI capability for RTL Languages e.g. Arabic
  • Left & Right tab positioning
  • Full Translation support


  • FXP-1472 Add secondary column to order by label when display sequences are the same in the button menu
  • FXP-1471 Change notification colouring to match new UI style colouring
  • FXP-1464 Change the grid/tree grid combo column header ID's to be consistent with the grid
  • FXP-1449 Add option to update session state on display item refresh
  • FXP-1429 Create a number of Tree/TreeGrid Actions e.g. Expand All/Collapse All
  • FXP-1415 Add content loader client side substitution support for #ITEM_NAME# syntax for the Shared Tab ID attribute
  • FXP-1390 Add support to hide the X button on the item combo's
  • FXP-1371 Ability to truncate the default time on the date picker when no value is set
  • FXP-1347 Add a config option to automatically select the first row on load of the grid
  • FXP-1345 Add the ability for the developer to choose the filter option of the grid popup lov similar to the form item
  • FXP-1332 Add RTL support for the Box Multi Select Plugin
  • FXP-1324 Remove help text from desktop quick launch icons when they are displayed in the overflow menu
  • FXP-1308 Update the wizard next/previous buttons to use icons consistent with the form and make translatable
  • FXP-1307 Several plugins are missing application level config settings for consistency
  • FXP-1304 Allow grid titles to have markup embedded and can be overridden in the additional config
  • FXP-1282 Add the ability for the developer to choose the context of where the window dynamic action opens e.g. current, parent, top page
  • FXP-1191 Provide an option to allow the menu button's submenu to be positioned to the right

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-1474 Menu separator not displayed correctly in button menu's
  • FXP-1466 Cannot disable grid combo state saving
  • FXP-1456 The default value for read only items within a Form are being ignored from Custom Processing CRUD Requests
  • FXP-1455 Not all form items with a DB source that pass conditions are passed to the custom procedures
  • FXP-1447 ORA-06512 when calling Form custom processing procedure when the source type exceeds 255 characters
  • FXP-1446 Content Loader URL substitution replacements need to be URL encoded
  • FXP-1441 Incorrect HTML escape codes are being used internally
  • FXP-1434 Disabled fields are being included in the form submit POST with blank entries.
  • FXP-1433 Display field refresh in some circumstances raises Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'load' of null
  • FXP-1431 Desktop shortcut items performing double JSON escaping on special characters
  • FXP-1430 radio/checkbox group set value issue when return values contains one or more colons
  • FXP-1426 Grid combo set other values is not setting values for items with non DB Column source on page load when the form is loaded
  • FXP-1424 Grid Full Export Language Issue, always using en_US
  • FXP-1423 TypeError: iframe.contentWindow.$ is not a function
  • FXP-1420 Form refresh raises ORA-01403: no data found when grid contains a grid combo and the form is empty
  • FXP-1419 Cell edit mode on add row with frozen columns raises: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getHeaderAtIndex' of undefined
  • FXP-1417 Column link substitutions need to be URI encoded to support symbols in URL such as "+" etc.
  • FXP-1411 German NLS Number Issues in the Form and Grid Raises Invalid Number during CRUD operations
  • FXP-1408 Irregular Form MD5 Checksum violations are being raised which are not caused by concurrent updates
  • FXP-1402 Grid Download Format Mask issue for primary key values with "+" sign. No data Found when clicking on the link.
  • FXP-1386 Fix issue with page submit when enter key triggered with only one field on he page.
  • FXP-1385 Grid filtering issue when certain characters are used e.g. "!"#ABC"
  • FXP-1377 Record navigation is broken when a tree combo is in use and the picker has been expanded raises JS error "undefined is not a function"
  • FXP-1291 Row select set item values in grouped mode used incorrect record when sorting is not enabled for the grouped column
  • FXP-1176 Treecombo raises JS error "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined" on reset icon click
  • FXP-1174 Tree combo reset raises getByKey javascript exception

v1.2.4 Change Log (September 2014)

Behavior Changes

  1. (Grid) apex_application.g_request is now set during grid DML operations which means :REQUEST or v('REQUEST') can now be referenced in conditions.

  2. (Grid) "Display as Text (based on LOV, does not save state)" is now supported for grid columns. If you are using this display type in your application you will receive an error if you do not have a LOV defined. Previously it would have just rendered the column value, but now it does a lookup on the LOV defined

  3. (Grid) A grid based on a PLSQL function can now be made editable but a processing procedure override must be used.

  4. (Content Loader) URL(s) that only differentiate by item/value settings can automatically trigger a refresh of the loaded page rather than a full reload. See page 8014 in the documentation application for an example.

  5. (Content Loader) you can now control whether opened content can be closed or not, in previous versions all content opened was closeable.

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-1268 the font size buttons are still enabled on the html editor when show font is set to "No"
  • FXP-1267 FXP-1063 change affected the display of the checkbox in the Checkbox Combo
  • FXP-1266 Sorting on LOV columns raises an exception for grids based on SQL Functions
  • FXP-1189 List View refresh action Javascript error raised
  • FXP-1188 Ext JS Bug: readOnlyCls not being applied on some item types e.g. number, date, combo any form item that has extended the Trigger class.
  • FXP-1187 Setting Hidden items values using $s are being truncated at the first occurrence of a colon when defined within a FOEX Plugin region
  • FXP-1165 Label settings not taking affect for the file browse item
  • FXP-1162 Grid with Select List LOV column is being sorted by the ID value and not the display value
  • FXP-1161 ORA-01722: invalid number when free typing a value and using a popup LOV with a numeric return value
  • FXP-1159 Invalid number when using a standard APEX Number Item within a form plugin region and using the German Characterset
  • FXP-1158 Refresh action not working correctly for named page items only jQuery selectors are working
  • FXP-1157 Complete Edit is not firing before a clicking apply changes on the grid in some circumstances
  • FXP-1156 Refresh a page item on the parent page does not work when selecting the item name in the affected elements
  • FXP-1155 Reinstate missing Form Events - Create Success, Update Success, Delete Success
  • FXP-1153 Grid Row Refresh ignores number format for German Characterset
  • FXP-1150 Form toolbar button and item ordering issue
  • FXP-1149 Grid Combo select event firing twice on grid row selection
  • FXP-1148 Grid Combo & Tree Combo set session state for all items not working as expected.
  • FXP-1147 Row highlight is lost after row refresh in Ext JS 4.0.7
  • FXP-1143 HTML Editor maxlength enforcement issue & Form Load issue with json escaped size exceeding 32K
  • FXP-1142 Add beforeedit event result cancellation capability in the grid checkbox column
  • FXP-1134 hideLabel not honoured for page item buttons contained within a fieldcontainer/fieldset
  • FXP-1132 Grid Column Grouping uses the store value rather than the renderer value for Popup LOV
  • FXP-1131 Window hide mode and refresh action fails to update session state for first loaded URL
  • FXP-1129 Toolbar right alignment of items using a button placeholder with "->" raises an exception when there are no left aligned buttons
  • FXP-1125 Listview using incorrect AJAX variable for "Page Items to Submit" p_widget_action_mod
  • FXP-1123 Tab switch affected elements needs to be mandatory
  • FXP-1122 Dynamic Form Read Only condition success is not correctly re-enabling the form items
  • FXP-1118 Wait for Result not Waiting for FORM "Create or Update" action and firing again after waiting = fires twice
  • FXP-1117 Grid Search dynamic action raised "me.field is undefined" when execute and the grid has not yet been rendered.
  • FXP-1114 modplsql: Type mismatch in header - caused by an invalid parameter f50. APEX Listener was not affected.
  • FXP-1111 Close Window dynamic action raises me.action.affectedElements is null
  • FXP-1110 Form DML raising "No Data Found" when saving for some forms after upgrading to v1.2.3
  • FXP-1108 Refresh row on parent page is not working correctly
  • FXP-1107 Colon's missing in data when multiple appear in succession e.g. ::
  • FXP-1106 Tree node loading icon not shown when using a custom icon and expanding an AJAX loading node
  • FXP-1105 Refresh Action not correctly refreshing child pages
  • FXP-1102 JS error caused by File browse download button issue when the BLOB field is empty
  • FXP-1100 State saving is not working correctly for the viewport, currently only the first state object in the queue is saved
  • FXP-1099 Checkbox issue in cell editing mode, clicking on the checkbox when editing another cell loses the cell value
  • FXP-1097 Using "NOT FX_P_GRID.processing" in region conditions raises ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count


  • FXP-1192 Add an option to allow the delete button to stay disabled across row selection if they have manually disabled the button
  • FXP-1164 Support custom text for the file browse button text e.g. Browse and Download buttons
  • FXP-1152 Enhance form Item Actions to allow you to remove a class when adding one and vice-versa
  • FXP-1151 Add #ITEM_NAME# substitution support to the Form Item Actions, addCls, removeCls and Set Field Style
  • FXP-1145 Add editable support using the processing procedure override for a grid report based on a PLSQL Function
  • FXP-1136 Ensure fxFormLoading javascript variable is set during a local reset of the form
  • FXP-1126 Content loader to support refreshing open pages whose URL differs by APEX page item values similar to the window plugin
  • FXP-1124 Add timepicker support to the FOEX Grid
  • FXP-1121 Perform a check on the popup LOV grid columns to ensure their length does not exceed the limit of 27 characters
  • FXP-1112 Support "Display as Text (based on LOV, does not save state)" for grid columns
  • FXP-1109 Add a closeable config option to the content loader dynamic action
  • FXP-1098 Set apex_application.g_request value to the Grid CRUD request value for usage within column conditions

v1.2.3 Change Log (May 2014)

Behavior Changes

  1. (Settings) The FOEX Settings plugin has been renamed to FOEX Application Settings.

  2. (Settings) A new plugin called FOEX Page Settings has been introduced. This plugin allows you to override Application level settings on a page by page basis. When using this plugin you will include it on the page with “No Parent Region” defined. This is different to the FOEX Application Settings which you do not need to include on any pages. You can see page 6 in the documentation application as an example.

  3. (Theme) A new CSS scoped version of the blue and grey theme has been included to reduce the impact of Ext JS theme styling on standard APEX components. You would choose this theme when you are using FOEX components in standalone mode on standard APEX pages. E.g. grid or tree grid. .You can use the Page Settings plugin to include this scoped version on only the pages that require it if you use a combination of FOEX pages and standard APEX pages.

  4. (Grid) The Grid Row Refresh action will now add rows to the grid if the Primary Key value you use is not located in the grid but found within the grid query when refreshing. This is useful when using a form to create new records in the grid. You can avoid having to refresh the entire grid contents to pick up the new record.

  5. (Grid) A new cell click event has been added and the Grid Set Item Values action has been modified to support this event to allow you to set page items with the cell value.

  6. (Grid) Timestamps are now supported by the Grid. If using localtimezone you need to ensure you have correctly set your offset/timezone using the standard APEX mechanism e.g.

    APEX Automatic Timezone Setting
  7. (Button) To avoid issues with standard buttons responding to click events when disabled please ensure your dynamic action event listens to the "FOEX Button – Normal Button Click" event instead of the regular “click” event.

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-1083 Non DB Columns are being recomputed and ignoring session state during form load/save
  • FXP-1082 Set page items on parent pages bug in FOEX Actions
  • FXP-1078 Grid based on a PLSQL Function returning SQL String is limited to 99 columns
  • FXP-1077 Desktop Menu issue with large number of items ORA-06502: PLSQL: numeric or value error
  • FXP-1073 Hide/Show Columns and Frozen columns raises a javascript error
  • FXP-1070 Wait for Result on the Grid Action dynamic action does not continue
  • FXP-1069 Display fields are not being properly vertically aligned
  • FXP-1063 Combo/multiselect text field is showing escaped data on selection
  • FXP-1062 Treegrid CSV export is including hidden columns ID,PID,URL,INFO,CUSTOM etc.
  • FXP-1060 Tree Grid Column Filtering does not filter, returns all rows
  • FXP-1055 PL/SQL Demo doesn't show Combo Selection
  • FXP-1053 JS error "me is not defined" in Tree Grid standalone demo
  • FXP-1052 Read only form setting is not reset when outputting other form regions.
  • FXP-1045 Cascading LOV issues with remote multiselects and paging capability
  • FXP-1038 Shuttle/Multiselect $s and Set Value dynamic action issue
  • FXP-1037 Add the FX_P_GRID.processing flag to be consistent with the form
  • FXP-1035 Ticking run on page load for TRUE/FALSE dynamic actions fire before FOEX is ready
  • FXP-1031 Shuttle with many entries raises the following exception on page render: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
  • FXP-1029 Regions loaded by the Content Loader are being reloaded when panes are collapsed/expanded
  • FXP-1028 Regions with a Tab Panel Layout do not Collapse/Expand correctly when using the FOEX Actions dynamic action
  • FXP-1025 Grid Column LOV pagination buttons disappear when the LOV is refreshed when hidden
  • FXP-1022 Allow hidden items in the toolbar and prevent them from taking up space in a form/toolbar layout
  • FXP-1020 Cannot set the value of a remote FOEX Combo if the combo is not yet rendered
  • FXP-1014 XSS vulnerability in JSON output detected by RECX
  • FXP-1011 Grid/Tree Grid/Combo/List View Search Plugin, Select All still checked when unchecking values
  • FXP-1003 Grid action set column value on column change is triggering the record save
  • FXP-1001 Disabled toolbar menu items click events are firing
  • FXP-1000 Some FOEX buttons are not passing in click event for reference in dynamic actions
  • FXP-998 Problem setting the tree combo value using the FOEX Grid Set Values dynamic action
  • FXP-996 Add a new check to make sure grid report column aliases are not case sensitive or contain spaces
  • FXP-995 Add additional column info to events that pass in the event object e.g. itemclick
  • FXP-989 Grid Grouping Column displays ID for a LOV column
  • FXP-987 Grid Highlighting does not work for LOV column display values
  • FXP-986 Add a validation to ensure the grid primary key is set in read only mode if a download format mask is used
  • FXP-985 Blue background showing for tabs in IE9+ when using the grey theme
  • FXP-984 Notification plugin bottom positioning is not showing the message
  • FXP-982 Fix the endless loop issue when a tab switch is called within the Before tab switch event
  • FXP-971 IE11 display issue with Ext JS 4.0.7
  • FXP-967 Combo incorrectly returning "null" on Form reset
  • FXP-964 After refresh of Button menu it loses the "FOEX Button - Menu Item Click"
  • FXP-961 Shuttle item is returning valid when the plugin value is an empty string e.g. ""
  • FXP-960 Shuttle needs its layout recomputed when validation failure occurs to show icon/message
  • FXP-955 PLSQL Region is not refreshed when in a parent layout which is hidden
  • FXP-951 Shuttle not null client side validation is not firing on item validation dynamic action
  • FXP-944 Flex setting is hard coded for the Code Editor
  • FXP-942 Fix Checkbox & Radio LOV display value to support double quotes, like breaks etc.
  • FXP-938 Change the Form load dynamic action to use the standard method for submitting additional items in session state
  • FXP-933 Form Item Actions: Validation Action Failure not cancelling next TRUE action
  • FXP-928 Grid Popup LOV broken in Cell edit mode
  • FXP-927 Form Post Processing CRUD Request missing OLD_RECORD values
  • FXP-924 Ext.ux.CheckColumn is duplicated in grid.js
  • FXP-923 Change event on TextArea fires for each entered letter
  • FXP-917 JS Replace Placeholders is not called on Grid Highlighting settings


  • FXP-1036 Add an option to the file browse item plugin to only show the browse and download button
  • FXP-1034 Add #ITEM_NAME# to the grid select row by row index dynamic action
  • FXP-1033 Resolved a performance issue with large datasets being printed to JSON
  • FXP-1032 Allow the default grid iconCls setting to be overridden
  • FXP-1026 Grid row refresh should populate a new row if the row is not in the grid but found in the query
  • FXP-1024 Add a new action to the FOEX Grid Actions dynamic action to refresh a column editor LOV
  • FXP-1023 Grid Form Binding and Form Reset to allow items to be excluded from the Form Reset on grid refresh
  • FXP-1019 Execute button conditions on the form after loading and saving
  • FXP-1018 Add an option to ensure that notifications always appear on the top level FOEX page
  • FXP-1017 Add the group_id optional column to the button menu to use with the content loader and sharing tabs etc.
  • FXP-1016 Strip spaces from the ID and GROUP ID values to avoid DOM related issues
  • FXP-1015 Update the grid context menu help text SQL Query example to include optional columns
  • FXP-1013 New logic changes to improve page rendering performance
  • FXP-1010 Add loadMask option to the PLSQL Region when refreshing
  • FXP-1008 Support timestamp data types for the date picker
  • FXP-1004 Add IMAGE format mask support to grid BLOB columns
  • FXP-999 Add First,Last,Next,Previous to the Form Actions dynamic action
  • FXP-997 Create a new FOEX Page Settings plugin to allow developers to override application settings on a per page basis
  • FXP-980 Add setTitle support to the FOEX Actions plugin to dynamically set new region titles and tab labels
  • FXP-978 Add an option to the FOEX Grid Action plugin to change grid column editor config
  • FXP-977 Add the ability to set the next wizard step using a page item value
  • FXP-975 Add an option to hide the form pagination button labels: "fxHidePaginationLabels": true
  • FXP-974 Add Timestamp data type support to the grid and form date pickers
  • FXP-969 Add CSS Scoping option when using components on standard APEX pages to avoid Ext JS CSS affecting the APEX theme
  • FXP-966 Support Page level validations by using the hidden primary key item and stripping the item name in the message
  • FXP-963 Add #REGION_STATIC_ID# replacement support for the PLSQL Region Plugin source
  • FXP-948 Add an onchange, blur, focus events to the code editor
  • FXP-947 Change PLSQL Region Plugin Attribute "Page Items Submit" Text Type to a "Page Item" Type
  • FXP-945 Add examples to the PLSQL Region plugin "Source" definition
  • FXP-941 Add a new dynamic action to empty a grid without refreshing from the server.
  • FXP-940 Add setTitle to the FOEX Actions plugin to change the title of regions
  • FXP-936 Allow the validation of a non DML Form.
  • FXP-931 Fix the FOEX Settings Help text to stop substitution of #APP_IMAGES#
  • FXP-915 Add cell events to the grid to be able to capture the cell value clicked
  • FXP-914 Update the Grid Set Items on Select to support Cell Selection

v1.2.2 Change Log (January 2014)

Behavior Changes

  1. (Grid) "Display as Text (Saves State)" has been switched from a read only column type to editable.

  2. (Grid) Column HTML Expressions are now supported see page 3002 in the Documentation Application for an example

  3. (Grid) Grid Column editors can now be appended to instead of having to overwrite completely simply by adding config to the "Additional Config" FOEX section when editing a report column. This is useful for adding single parameters e.g for a select list columns you may want enforce that a selection is made:

       "allowBlank": false
  4. (Grid) No data found message is now based on the APEX report attributes setting

  5. (Grid & Form) The following classes have been added to framework buttons for styling capability.





    Tree Grid


    List View

  6. (Content Loader) "Load in Parent Page" has been changed to "Load into Region Context" so you now have the ability to load content in the parent page or top page

  7. (Toolbars) By default all toolbars will now overflow all items that cannot be shown in a drop down menu. This applies to all toolbars irrespective of their position e.g. top/bottom

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-909 date range vtype recursion javascript error under certain circumstances
  • FXP-889 Remove the download link showing for records with empty blob columns
  • FXP-885 Upgrade the Ace editor as it causes a JS error in IE 11 in French mode, see if the latest version resolves it
  • FXP-884 List View set item session state is not working correctly.
  • FXP-883 List View row selection & set items bug, javascript error raised "TypeError: item.match is not a function"
  • FXP-879 Page 9001 in the documentation application does not correctly refresh the form within the window for the first opened record
  • FXP-877 APEX JS can't deal with numeric Item Values
  • FXP-859 Documentation plugin using incorrect ajax parameter (parameter size too small) for AJAX items to submit when refreshing
  • FXP-858 after refresh event missing on the documentation plugin
  • FXP-850 Cancel button leaves blank row after user first tries to update the row but a validation failure occurs.
  • FXP-848 Toolbar overflow issue, ID's are not replicated so dynamic actions do not fire
  • FXP-845 Calling APEX_UUTIL.PREPARE_URL malforms the URL if a hash tag is used for the page id
  • FXP-842 Form Reset with "Set Session State" set to "Yes" raises a javascript error if the form has not been rendered
  • FXP-841 Form reset needs more documentation which describes the behaviour of "Set Session State"
  • FXP-840 Serverside validations are firing for a form delete when a required item is NULL and button execute validations is set to "No"
  • FXP-839 Local Form Reset and "Wait For Result" is checked additional TRUE DA's are not run.
  • FXP-837 Filebrowse width issue in a fixed width layout, the size is fixed at 300
  • FXP-835 Combo adding blank rows on form reset
  • FXP-831 Support set column value on column change DA for checkbox columns
  • FXP-830 Grid row action javascript error when grid contains frozen/locked columns
  • FXP-825 Hidden Items in Item-Container-Forms are always NULL
  • FXP-824 Select List in Grid doesn't show display value but id
  • FXP-806 Grid row select set values date format issue, the format is being ignored
  • FXP-805 Content Loader da.browserEvent is a string on page load
  • FXP-804 Viewport pluginDaId is undefined
  • FXP-800 Popup Key lov in GRID row edit mode gives ORA-01722 when search text is not matched to one ore more records
  • FXP-799 setLabel function is undefined
  • FXP-796 Version file extension is added to additional CSS & JS in FOEX Settings but breaks for r/foex/1092015/files/static/v285/ etc.
  • FXP-790 Add support for refreshing/accessing page items when they are not yet rendered.
  • FXP-786 Add an iframe cover when resizing panes since the drag event can be lost to the underlying iframe
  • FXP-784 Content Loader region needs to have the option to refresh or reload when apexrrefresh is triggered.
  • FXP-783 Tab Switch does not work on the Window Region Plugin (or probably the form)
  • FXP-782 Content Loader region is not working in a vbox layout shown on page render
  • FXP-778 Form Item Validation action is not cancelling the next dynamic action when invalid
  • FXP-776 add "FOEX Listview Select Set Item Values" Dynamic Action


  • FXP-908 Add an additional class to the grid search buttons i.e. magnifier and reset icons
  • FXP-899 Create an example with a grid using a from/to date validation which restricts the "to date" to only accept dates after the "from date" (Page 3009 in FDOCS)
  • FXP-888 Add the ability to style the Shuttle by adding a CSS class to the left/right side lists
  • FXP-881 Change the content loader to allow opening content on the top, parent, or current page and to be consistent with other plugins
  • FXP-878 The ability to refresh a grid row on the parent page e.g. after the row is edited in a child window
  • FXP-875 Add an additional class to all FOEX defined buttons to uniquely style them.
  • FXP-860 Change the default setting for all toolbars to enable overflow
  • FXP-857 Enable the checkbox column to be conditionally editable as per the documented method
  • FXP-856 Add new dynamic action to populate grid search field and execute search
  • FXP-854 Add custom config, toolbar button and item support to the Content Loader Region
  • FXP-852 Add a dynamic action to allow changing the Content Loader Region URL
  • FXP-851 Add new grid refresh view action to recalculate the grid renderers for all grid columns/data without fetching new data
  • FXP-847 Center align checkboxes in row edit mode
  • FXP-846 Add an option to allow the grid combo pagination bar and search toolbar to be excluded
  • FXP-844 Add more information to the message box help text for the javascript function
  • FXP-843 Enhance the content loader to optionally open content in a new Browser Tab
  • FXP-834 Support item level refreshing for the display item
  • FXP-832 Address event bubbling when standard apexbefore/after refresh events can affect parent regions.
  • FXP-827 Support refreshing a FOEX menu/split/cycle button
  • FXP-793 Add option to the load mask action to show/hide the loading icon
  • FXP-792 Add additional grid event dblclick
  • FXP-788 All grid column editors to override or append config. Current functionality is override only
  • FXP-787 Add operation.records to the grid crud success event
  • FXP-785 Add support to the gird to treat "Display as Text (saves state)" as an editable column not read only.
  • FXP-781 Add dynamic action support for hiding/showing/switching tabs within a tabpanel
  • FXP-780 Add HTML Expression support to grid and treegrid columns
  • FXP-777 Add "No Data Found" message customization support to the grid plugin
  • FXP-774 Add additional attributes: Region ID and the grid sub report region ID to the FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T type
  • FXP-583 Honour Display NULL settings in the combo's LOV definition

v1.2.1 Change Log (November 2013)

Behavior Changes

  1. For Theme 24 users we have removed the Interactive Report Styling override for the search box since this was impacting theme 25 and theme 26. For theme 24 users you need to add the following style overrides in your page template(s) before the <body> tag.

    /* Interactive Report Fixes for Theme 24 */
    input#apexir_SEARCH {
        height: 20px !important;
        padding: 4px;
    button.apexir-go-button {
        height: 20px !important;
  2. The page can now be submitted when a FOEX form plugin is defined on the page. In previous versions we disabled the page from being submitted. This has been implemented to allow you to use standard APEX tabs in your page designs.

    The impact of this change all form plugin items, toolbar items will not submit any values or be updated in session state with the page submit. Only standard APEX items that are contained in standard APEX regions will have their values submitted and updated in session state. Additionally buttons that have a setting of "Submit" and do not have a "Database Action" defined will now submit the page If you do not wish these type of buttons to submit the page then they need to be modified and set to "Defined by Dynamic Action".

    Change From:
    Button Action - Submit Page

    Change To:
    Button Action - Defined by Dynamic Action

    Additionally all form plugins with hidden protected items will still automatically disable page submission therefore you need to disable protection on these hidden items if you want to submit a page with a FOEX form plugin on it. All other page items which you set the value of locally on the page must have their protected status set to "No" to avoid an item value protection exception on page submit.

    In addition to the above standard APEX HTML Editors within a form plugin must be switched to the FOEX Html Editor item plugin type to avoid javascript errors with page submits.

    If you wish to enforce the previous behaviour from v1.2.0 and below you can add the following config parameter to the form plugin custom config section:

    "disablePageSubmit": true 

  3. For all grids which have a primary key defined in the grid plugin settings and have the export data to CSV option enabled, 2 new options will be available within a split (menu) button. The default button action is still to export as per previous versions but clicking on the menu you now have the 2 additional options "Export Visible Rows Only" i.e. you only export the data that’s currently in the grid and “Export Filtered Data” which will export all data that matches the filters applied i.e. data shown on the page and also what has yet to be fetched via pagination.

    FOEX Grid - New Export Options

  4. It is now possible to change the number format application wide without changing the application language. You can do this by using the following application wide in a page level process "Before or After Header":

    -- 4.2
    -- 4.1

    To enable application wide:

    FOEX Global NLS Number Format Change

    Note: from v1.2.0 you can now switch the application language to German which will show German dates, currency and numeric formats but internal FOEX messages are still in English until will resolve this in v2.0

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-766 - On page load an exception is raised if the FOEX_CTX_ID application item does not exist – related to FXP-699
  • FXP-765 - Documentation index jumps to the top when the left hand navigation is scrolled and content is loaded
  • FXP-764 - Notification messages for the form and grid uses "parent" without checking if Ext is loaded in the parent window
  • FXP-761 - Simple checkbox plugin missing allowBlank:true from the config on page render
  • FXP-755 - Occassional WWV_FLOW_COLLECTIONS_UK Constraint error on file upload with 2 or more file submits in the same form
  • FXP-754 - DateTime picker on validation failure c.getTime is not a function is raised
  • FXP-751 - Grid columns with date and numeric format masks are not sorting properly.
  • FXP-749 - Allowing the page to be submitted for forms with protected items causes an error when the form is loaded.
  • FXP-746 - Grid Row Editor Focus First Field Issue in cases where a non-editable column is first
  • FXP-741 - Grid and Tree Grid raise an exception on page load when column headers contain double quotes
  • FXP-739 - Column headers not scrolling in the grid when using the tab key
  • FXP-738 - Form checksum size limit exceeded when the form has many items
  • FXP-736 - A fieldcontainer with no items causes a page rendering error in javascript
  • FXP-735 - Hide the desktop full screen button if the desktop is displayed within an iframe
  • FXP-733 - Resolve dynamic action click event issues with split buttons and toolbar buttons
  • FXP-732 - isDirty status being reported incorrectly for multiselects
  • FXP-729 - Change the v1.2.0 functionality for hiding/showing items after CRUD/load operations so that only those with conditions defined are affected
  • FXP-727 - Grid does not load when the laod data is set to when grid is shown in standalone mode
  • FXP-726 - Remove Several CSS overrides from FOEX.css to avoid theme changing conflicts
  • FXP-725 - Tree combo toolbar search is broken
  • FXP-724 - Grid collapse issue in standalone mode
  • FXP-723 - Add build option support to the button menu list items
  • FXP-722 - Button menu item click event is not firing correctly at the page item level
  • FXP-716 - REGION_STATIC_ID is being ignored for Viewport panes
  • FXP-715 - Add new window and application launcher examples in the documentation app
  • FXP-714 - Change the timing of the disabling/enabling of form buttons to be before the CRUD events fire so their state can be overridden if needed
  • FXP-713 - Multiselect Cascading LOV's are losing values on change in some circumstances
  • FXP-712 - Bind variables are truncated to 30 chars by wwv_flow_utilities.get_using_clause
  • FXP-709 - Add build option support to the context menu package which checks menu items
  • FXP-708 - Add the ability to set the ID for the window for the New Desktop Window dynamic action
  • FXP-707 - Grid AJAX submit items is using g_widget_action_mod which is only 255 characters and causing a Character string buffer error when exceeded
  • FXP-703 - Remove the apex.submit disablement in the Form plugin so that pages can be submitted in hybrid mode.
  • FXP-702 - Grid combo Set other values issue for another dependent grid combo
  • FXP-700 - Set Focus bug for all items
  • FXP-699 - FOEX_CTX_ID and FOEX_CTX_TEXT are missing from an app if only the grid is used
  • FXP-698 - Viewport and desktop are moving off screen when a window is moved below the viewport.
  • FXP-697 - Right click Context Menu issue in Chrome 28+
  • FXP-696 - Theme 25 issue with the interactive report Go button
  • FXP-695 - Desktop level 1 menu entries still open a blank window when the URL is NULL
  • FXP-694 - Form items aren't stretching in fieldsets


  • FXP-752 - Add sort nulls support based on report setting for grid column sorting
  • FXP-748 - Add support for global NLS number format change without changing the application primary language
  • FXP-747 - Allow windows to be refreshed via AJAX when just the page item and values differ in the URL if close method is set to "hide"
  • FXP-745 - Add the ability to refresh a grid lov editor within the set other column values dynamic action
  • FXP-744 - Allow grid column select list editors to be refreshable.
  • FXP-737 - Add the foex version number to page debug output
  • FXP-731 - Add "forceSelection":true to editable grid LOV columns to avoid issues with the grid trying to save a display value
  • FXP-730 - Add the option to include additional Javascript and CSS source after the declaration of FOEX JS and CSS
  • FXP-728 - Enhance Local LOV Data Reload Error Message
  • FXP-719 - Add in support for adding the NewbridgeGreen Clifton theme to FOEX
  • FXP-718 - Add the ability to open a new tab/panel/slice every time within the content loader dynamic action
  • FXP-706 - Add foex utility call to handle multiselects in SQL that are colon/comma delimited
  • FXP-705 - Update Grid Export to include any applied column level filters and generic filter (Requires Primary key to be set)
  • FXP-704 - Add a new refresh action to the FOEX Actions plugin to refresh regions on parent/child pages
  • FXP-701 - Add clear invalid, validate, focus, set label, set error, and erase value to form item actions plugin
  • FXP-687 - Add the ability to submit other items when performing a Form Submit/Reset and submit items to be set in session state

v1.2.0 Change Log (September 2013)

Behavior Changes

  1. Desktop plugin based on a DB table must have a new column called CUSTOM added.
  2. Item LOV's do NOT show the list automatically on reset (X) click. You need to add a new attribute to enable this - "showListOnReset":true
  3. Text Item now accepts input mask
  4. The form now processes non-db columns source setting for both the reset operation and next/previous pagination
  5. Form pagination by default now has FIRST/LAST pagination options in addition to NEXT/PREVIOUS when an order by clause is added to the form plugin. Use "excludeFirstLastBtns":true in the additional config to disable. First is always enabled. If no record is found a blank form is shown.
  6. The form supports dynamically evaluating form item conditions and read only conditions dynamically between each LOAD/SUBMIT. If you require additional items to be shown in create mode that are hidden in edit mode please see page 4025 in the documentation application for an example of how to do this using an additional condition check: OR NOT fx_p_form.processing
  7. Treegrid header refresh will now replace &ITEM_NAME. syntax serverside based on session state and #ITEM_NAME# client side based on page item values (that may or may not be updated in session state) previously &ITEM_NAME. was only supported client side and was conflicting with our standard practice of using #ITEM_NAME# syntax
  8. The window open and close events internal name has been changed to avoid a conflict. Therefore all dynamic actions bound to these events need to be updated. This is automatically done when upgrading your default FOEX installation, but if you import an application from an older environment then you need to run the following as a privileged user e.g. SYSTEM
        v_apex_schema VARCHAR2(200);
          INTO v_apex_schema
         WHERE OWNER        = 'PUBLIC'
            'UPDATE '||v_apex_schema||'.WWV_FLOW_PAGE_DA_EVENTS
            'UPDATE '||v_apex_schema||'.WWV_FLOW_PAGE_DA_EVENTS

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-682 - Wizard Progress set active step dynamic action missing #ITEM_NAME# support
  • FXP-676 - Hiding showing form items across create/save/delete operations via AJAX does not work for items that fail condition checks on page load
  • FXP-673 - Value required validation for a single file submit item stops the form from submitting
  • FXP-669 - Add version identifier to the FOEX & Ext JS Javascript & CSS source
  • FXP-668 - Form loading isn't working correctly for the first load in a blank form when the primary key is set.
  • FXP-664 - Add the option to create a desktop or viewport on the "Create FOEX Page" wizard
  • FXP-660 - Grid combo setSessionState AJAX issue, an item name of "undefined" is being submitted
  • FXP-659 - Desktop state saving issue when window is maximized, it's not being restored in a maximized state
  • FXP-656 - Set column value on column change firing when changing row editor record.
  • FXP-652 - Context menu sub entries create a malformed contextmenu JSON object
  • FXP-651 - Simple Checkbox and Time Picker are not responding to being disabled
  • FXP-647 - Form in UPDATE mode instead of CREATE when primary key items set for INSERT
  • FXP-641 - HTML Child regions are being processed by the viewport/layout plugins
  • FXP-640 - Pagination disappears on FOEX Popup LOV during cascading LOV refresh
  • FXP-639 - FOEX Desktop tries to open (empty) browser window
  • FXP-637 - Layout Issue after resizing grid column
  • FXP-636 - Grid row editor marks record changed when user clicks a LOV column
  • FXP-626 - Tree Grid, Tree Combo, Grid Combo to display null values instead of Zero for number columns
  • FXP-619 - Window open/close dynamic action events are firing using the wrong plugin internal identifier
  • FXP-617 - Prevent event bubbling on standard APEX components that are children of FOEX components which support apexrefresh
  • FXP-616 - wrong ID for page item buttons in Grid-Toolbar
  • FXP-614 - set position for Download Button and Pagination
  • FXP-613 - Collapse direction not set correctly for child regions of a form in a hbox/vbox layout
  • FXP-612 - Add a check to the form to make sure the primary key is set to a DB column (Avoids ORA-44003: invalid SQL name)
  • FXP-611 - Documentation plugin to be refreshable in full, not just refresh the current content.
  • FXP-610 - Fieldset fieldDefaults not being applied
  • FXP-609 - Fieldcontainer & FieldSet defaults in custom config are overwritten by internal settings
  • FXP-608 - Form delete triggers client side validation and stops submission if there are validation failures
  • FXP-597 - Duplicate change events are firing on FOEX items due to event bubbling
  • FXP-596 - "Form Action DA - Validate" does not continue for local validations when wait for result is checked.
  • FXP-591 - Format mask and read only settings missing from Form custom PLSQL processing CRUD request parameter/record type
  • FXP-590 - NaN returned on grid select - set item values for numeric columns
  • FXP-579 - Grid/Form binding not performing a form reset when the grid refreshes
  • FXP-577 - Read only form load should compute source values all non DB columns
  • FXP-571 - On Form load/save Execute read only and conditions to check for changes based on data values changing and setting read only or hiding and disabling items accordingly
  • FXP-569 - Grid Popup LOV Display Value is not always shown correctly if the popup lov does not contain the data
  • FXP-568 - Form Item sources other than DB Column are not executed correctly when using form pagination.
  • FXP-565 - FDA new Form region to have "select all"/"deselect all" options for checkboxes
  • FXP-564 - fx_p_utils.print needs to support CLOBs to avoid 32K limit issues
  • FXP-554 - Grid Combo and Tree Combo require select and resetselection events
  • FXP-553 - First editable field is does not have focus on add button click under some situations
  • FXP-552 - Date picker applies the wrong format when DD.MM.YYYY is uses and the dots are omitted
  • FXP-549 - Desktop New Window and Window open do not work with the Tree/TreeGrid
  • FXP-548 - Cascading LOV map reset for every fieldcontainer/fieldset
  • FXP-544 - Toolbar Menu SQL Query plugin attribute maximum columns has incorrect setting
  • FXP-543 - Add state saving for Grid/Tree Combo column widths
  • FXP-542 - Window plugin and dyanmic action both have the closable config setting mispelled
  • FXP-541 - Malformed JSON when an item has a NULL display sequence
  • FXP-519 - Demo, Window & Form (page 8000): edit button problem
  • FXP-487 - FDA split DA Event/Action List
  • FXP-483 - Javascript error is raised when using editable grid with no editable columns
  • FXP-474 - Theme 25 Item label alignment issue
  • FXP-463 - Toolbar buttons don't support substitution variables in label
  • FXP-453 - Fieldsets are not applying the default label width for pre initialized plugins
  • FXP-446 - FDA hide dummy-report-regions in Region-Select-List
  • FXP-432 - Cascading LOV retaining value issue on dependent items when parent cleared
  • FXP-427 - Disable CLOB columns from being sortable, it raises an exception
  • FXP-426 - Desktop SQL Query Plugin Attribute Help Text incorrect
  • FXP-423 – option to add loading indicator for cascading LOVs that are being refreshed.
  • FXP-419 - Grid combo save state issue
  • FXP-418 - Form Next/Previous buttons need investigating both are enabled when only 1 row exists
  • FXP-417 - The wrong Form request value is being used in the event trigger for individual CRUD actions
  • FXP-414 - Issue when a primary key item is not set to DB source
  • FXP-413 - Check to make sure the form Primary Key Item is a child of the form
  • FXP-412 - Grid toolbar button and item positioning bug
  • FXP-411 - Grid combo using the first column as the unique identifier for the grid
  • FXP-408 - Download link bug in the grid (e is not defined)
  • FXP-407 - Multiple File Upload Foreign Key Item attribute should be a page item picker
  • FXP-404 - ext-all-blue.css is missing and causes a 404
  • FXP-403 - Custom grid headings do not work for Generic columns e.g. report SQL is based on a function
  • FXP-402 - Documentation App Page 500 Content Grid not able to enter new records as update button is greyed out
  • FXP-401 - Copy function for Grid
  • FXP-399 - Resizing/Moving Windows Before Loading complete causes an error
  • FXP-397 - Desktop SQL Query Help text Example is wrong
  • FXP-396 - Sizing grid height/width does not work when contained in a viewport
  • FXP-395 - Form Plugin Attributes Pre/Post Processing need to be hidden for Item Container in the plugin attributes
  • FXP-393 - Window Position issue in the Desktop when state saving is enabled
  • FXP-391 - Changes to Start Menu Button settings and Icon have no effect
  • FXP-387 - Tree Grid Dynamic Context Menu DA shows wrong default values e.g. PLUGIN_EXT_
  • FXP-386 - Documentation Incorrect for Context Menu Click parameter menuItem
  • FXP-347 - Show a loading icon in/next to the combo's when they are being refreshed
  • FXP-339 - Validation failure tooltip missing from multiselect/shuttle
  • FXP-252 - Add loading mask to multiselects and shuttles when loading the lists
  • FXP-211 - Validation to make sure a pane is only a child of another pane/layout when the border layout is selected.
  • FXP-161 – Rating plugin not rendering correctly in the form anymore


  • FXP-666 - Allow the same tab/panel/slice to be reused by multiple content loader dynamic actions
  • FXP-665 - Add a HTML Region option to the "Create FOEX Region"
  • FXP-657 - Dynamic context menu to allow the submitting of page additional items in the AJAX call
  • FXP-655 - Date & Time Picker not displaying the time correctly
  • FXP-654 - FDA to support standard APEX regions allowing "preventHeader","flex","autoScroll","Additional Config" settings
  • FXP-653 - Allow a different title to be set when opening context menu links in windows/tabs thats different to the context menu entry
  • FXP-642 - Add the same "Create FOEX Page" viewport customization to the "Create FOEX Region" and "Create Pane" within the FDA
  • FXP-633 - Include the DateRange Validation (vtype) outlined on the blog
  • FXP-631 - Change default grid pagination size from 15 to 25 when created by the FDA
  • FXP-630 - Support Optimize Refresh for Cascading LOV implementation
  • FXP-627 - Add reset icon option to the autocomplete field
  • FXP-624 - Combine 2 AJAX requests into 1 for Cascading LOV's by combining set session state and refresh item in 1 call
  • FXP-623 - Add cascading LOV support for form items in toolbars
  • FXP-622 - Reset a form if it is loaded with a NULL primary key (i.e. null in session state and the submitted DOM value)
  • FXP-621 - Add set item values to the FOEX Actions dynamic action that also set items on child pages opened on the current page
  • FXP-620 - FDA Create Page Wizard add Center Pane Layout Selection
  • FXP-618 - Add the option to hide windows rather than destroy for the window and desktop plugin
  • FXP-615 - Add the option to the Load content plugin to refresh child regions if already open
  • FXP-607 - Add Expand/Collapse options to the FOEX Actions Dynamic Action plugin
  • FXP-605 - Suppress the "No Data Found" error for form pagination when the underlying ORDER By data may have been changed in another session
  • FXP-604 - First (Pagination) Button to be enabled on a blank form
  • FXP-603 - Make all client side form validation errors visible in a single location
  • FXP-602 - APEX 4.2 read only region support for the form
  • FXP-601 - Add a new event for the case when the form doesn't load because the primary key is not set. e.g. helpful for form resets in MDD setups
  • FXP-599 - Add an option to hide the notification message for Serverside validation failures
  • FXP-593 - Inbuilt Form buttons e.g. Next/Previous don't show when the form region has no buttons or toolbar items
  • FXP-592 – Add a new Simple Checkbox plugin
  • FXP-589 - Add Date Time Picker Support
  • FXP-585 - Create a new plugin that lazy loads remote content on tab/accordion activation and responds to refresh and reload events
  • FXP-581 - Add item parameter to the grid context menu click event to be consistent with the toolbar menu plugin
  • FXP-580 - Add a new slider item plugin
  • FXP-578 - Star rating column format in the grid
  • FXP-576 - Add a new checkbox combo multiselect item plugin
  • FXP-575 - Add First, Last navigation to Form pagination
  • FXP-573 - Refresh row dynamic action to have the option to remove the row from the grid if the data is not found when re-querying the grid SQL
  • FXP-572 - Set Values to cater for LOV display values that are not present in the list
  • FXP-566 - New Display As Image Item Plugin
  • FXP-563 - Add extra action attribute to the cycle button menu entries since using label text is not ideal.
  • FXP-561 - Add the ability to suppress the form success/error messages
  • FXP-560 - Grid to have success & error messages attributes to be consistent with the form
  • FXP-559 - Desktop is now using attribute 10 in list items for window custom config please add to the FDA
  • FXP-558 - Optionally show the combo, popup lov lists on reset i.e. X
  • FXP-557 - Allow the Form "frame" config option to be overridden i.e. set to false
  • FXP-556 - Hide desktop quicklaunch section if no quicklaunch items exist
  • FXP-555 - Allow custom config to be defined for desktop windows and dynamic action windows
  • FXP-551 - New dynamic action plugin to delay the execution of the next dynamic TRUE action(s)
  • FXP-547 - Create a dynamic action plugin to call methods on shared form item methods e.g. setReadOnly
  • FXP-546 - Text Field with Input Mask
  • FXP-540 - Create a new Dynamic action to move back and forwards between wizard steps
  • FXP-539 - Refresh the wizard progress region dynamically using the standard APEX Refresh dynamic action
  • FXP-433 - Add First/Last options to Form Navigation

v1.1.2 Change Log (June 2013)

Behavior Changes

  1. In this release we have changed the behavior of buttons positioning in the form and grid. Buttons will now be aligned to the left or right based on their alignment setting. For the form, buttons can be positioned at the top or bottom but not both. For the grid all buttons will remain at the top regardless of any different setting.
  2. FOEX Form Button Alignment Change
  3. Button items are now supported within forms and will be included on the page. Previously if one was defined it was omitted from the form.
  4. The Twitter plugin is broken in all FOEX versions as the twitter v1.0 search API was shutdown on June 12th, which we weren’t aware of or expecting. The new v1.1 API requires OAuth which requires a number of significant changes to the plugin. We will be addressing this in a future release. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-496 - Code editor has display issues in IE9 and IE10
  • FXP-491 - Row editor makes an UPDATE request when a default value is provided for the primary key column on ADD button click
  • FXP-490 - NLS number format switching decimals to commas breaks JSON output
  • FXP-489 - FOEX_LIST_NAME does not exist and is not auto created for apps that are not copied from the template application
  • FXP-488 - ORA/06533 Subscript beyond count exception raised in the grid when change detection is enabled and the grid row cannot be found due to changes in session state
  • FXP-486 - Popup LOV Column issue with APX$ROWNUM being used for the return value in APEX 4.2.1
  • FXP-485 - Hash Tag Substitutions are not working when content is loaded on the parent page
  • FXP-480 - Grid Scrollbar detatching issue still arises occasionally even after implemented workaround. Additional workaround added.
  • FXP-477 - Add similar support as standard buttons have for FOEX Settings for button items
  • FXP-476 - Support #ITEM_NAME# substitutions in the message box plugin
  • FXP-474 - Theme 25 Item label alignment issue
  • FXP-470 - Grid CSV Export Reloading the Page when region_id is greater than 16 digits
  • FXP-467 - Add taskbar & window icon support based on desktop item iconCls setting
  • FXP-466 - Desktop Sub Menu Items incorrectly calling the CreateWindow based on the parent settings
  • FXP-465 - Desktop menu items with URL set to NULL and windowId NULL should not do anything
  • FXP-464 - Desktop menu items only work up to 2 levels
  • FXP-463 - Toolbar buttons don't support substitution variables in label


  • FXP-497 - Support Build-Options
  • FXP-495 - APEX 4.2.2 Support
  • FXP-493 - Allow the ability to manual save for the row editor plugin instead of auto saving if the developer wishes by adding “manualSync”:true to the grid additional config.
  • FXP-484 - Add a new dynamic action to set other grid column values on cell change
  • FXP-482 - Add NLS Number support for the FOEX Number Field plugin
  • FXP-479 - Add a tab close menu on right click of tabs
  • FXP-478 - Add support for form button items which are displayed within the form with other items
  • FXP-475 - Support bottom/top buttons for the Form Plugin
  • FXP-473 - Support SINCE grid column format
  • FXP-472 - NLS Number support for editable grid columns editor field
  • FXP-471 - Ability to open new windows on the text from within a child iframe window.

v1.1.1 Change Log (April 2013)

Bug Fixes

  • FXP-389 - Add "FOEX Region" Template to Theme 25
  • FXP-396 - Grid height/width honoured when flex = 0
  • FXP-391 - Changes to Start Menu Button settings and Icon have no effect
  • FXP-393 - Window Position issue in the Desktop when state saving is enabled
  • FXP-394 - FDA Wizard needs to check for existing Plugins
  • FXP-399 - Resizing/Moving Window/Viewport Before Loading complete causes an error
  • FXP-405 - Import all plugins script needs to create component settings in APEX 4.2
  • FXP-407 - Multiple File Upload Foreign Key Item attribute should be a page item picker
  • FXP-410 - Grid updates that violate a filter condition are returning the original data instead of the changed data
  • FXP-411 - Grid combo using the first column as the unique identifier for the grid
  • FXP-412 - Grid toolbar button and item positioning bug
  • FXP-415 - Code Editor taskbar position info is broken
  • FXP-417 - The wrong Form request value is being used in the event trigger for individual CRUD actions, affects buttons not named with CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE button names
  • FXP-418 - Form Next/Previous buttons need investigating both are enabled when only 1 row exists
  • FXP-419 - Grid combo state saving is now enabled by default
  • FXP-422 - Grid Column Filter with LOV uses a number filter instead of string
  • FXP-424 - Allow developer to control change detection for the grid
  • FXP-425 - Allow manual override to allow CLOB columns to be searchable via the search plugin
  • FXP-426 - Desktop SQL Query Plugin Attribute Help Text incorrect
  • FXP-427 - Disable sorting option for CLOB columns for performance and to supress sort errors
  • FXP-428 - Grid is missing a cancel edit event for row editing
  • FXP-429 - Grid Combo Vertical scrollbar stops working under certain conditions when searching
  • FXP-430 - Bug: the state js function will NOT be printed when grid caching is enabled and so is state saving
  • FXP-432 - Cascading LOV retaining value issue on dependent items when parent cleared
  • FXP-437 - Add the cursor:pointer style to icons
  • FXP-438 - Add support to the message box and code editor for submitting page items with AJAX calls
  • FXP-439 - Tree select row dynamic action not working correctly + add select by ID support
  • FXP-441 - Allow the option to make the code editor read only
  • FXP-442 - Combo refreshed when hidden does not remove the load mask.
  • FXP-450 - Tree forgets state randomly
  • FXP-458 - Checkbox filter not working for Y/N values
  • FXP-456 - Update grid defaults to set width to 100% and height to 400


  • FXP-070 - License key and trial enhancements
  • FXP-388 - Have a delete only option for the editable grid
  • FXP-435 - Add support for grid row actions to be defined in column additional config
  • FXP-436 - Add a new dynamic action to refresh a grid row
  • FXP-439 - Tree/TreeGrid add select row by ID support
  • FXP-440 - Add support to the grid to be able to select a row using a column/value setting
  • FXP-444 - Default flex settings to 1 for Grid/Form/Treegrid
  • FXP-457 - Grid requires reset pagination ability

v1.1.0 Change Log (February 2013)


  • APEX 4.2.1 Support including resuming dynamic actions for Form and Grid saving
  • State Saving improvements
  • Caching is now stable and can be overridden at the component level
  • Grid Row Deletions restored on validation failure
  • Improved Master Detail and Master Detail Detail support
  • Multiple single file submits within a form plugin i.e. multiple blob columns
  • Form Next/Previous record navigation improvements
  • Declarative support for Forms based on collections
  • Declarative support for Grids based on collections
  • Form and Grid Pre/Post processing support
  • Grid Validation Procedure can also perform Computations
  • Automatically processing multiselects to child/intersection tables
  • Cascading LOV improvements
  • LOV values can be secured
  • Date Items can be added to Grid/Treegrid toolbars
  • Content Loading has new options to control the position of where it is added in tab panels/accordions
  • A new wizard layout has been added
  • Form Validation failures will automatically focus on the first invalid item even if it’s hidden from view e.g. non active tab
  • FOEX Developer Addon (FDA) enhancements
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements