FOEX Demos & Examples

FOEX Examples/Cookbook Application

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Topic: FOEX Examples/Cookbook

Description: Explore the main design concepts of the FOEX Plugin Framework through this collection of examples and component demos.

FOEX Documentation application

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Topic: FOEX Documentation

Description: A complete set of examples & plugin demos that are found in the FOEX Plugin Framework and other resources meant to help you get the most out of our low-code enterprise RAD solution.

Forms to FOEX Summit demo

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Topic: Oracle Forms modernization

Description: We took a sample Oracle Forms application (Summit) and rebuild it using the FOEX Plugin Framework. Click the button below to see the demo we built using version 3.0 of the FOEX Plugin Framework.

FOEX Business Dashboard Demo Application

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Topic: Business dashboard app

Description: Have a look at a simple, yet feature-full business dashboard demo application. The app uses a single page design with lazy loading and has zero page reloads/submits. The entire demo uses only 3 dynamic actions.

FOEX Desktop plugin demo application

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Topic: Plugin demo

Description: An example for the FOEX Desktop plugin that takes an existing APEX List or SQL Query and presents the links in the form of a desktop.