File Upload and Image Editor by FOEX

A beautiful and intuitive file upload & image editor plugin for Oracle APEX that works everywhere! Whether you are using your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone you can transform, upload, and annotate images directly in your APEX app with zero dependencies!

Why should I purchase it?

  1. this plugin will be maintained & supported for many years to come
  2. we plan to release new functionality and updates regularly
  3. we are lazer focused on the best user experience possible
  4. it's multi-purpose, file uploading, image transformation, and image editing
  5. there are 2 companies behind this plugin FOEX & PQINA


The following pricing options are available:

Developer License

Price per developer

EUR 599 Year

Recommended for

Small Companies

Developer+ License

Price per developer

EUR 999 Year

Recommended for

Small & Medium Companies

Company License

Unlimited Developers

EUR 2999 Year

Recommended for

Medium & Large Companies