The FOEX Developer Addon


The FOEX Developer Addon (FDA) is a free browser extension designed to enhance the APEX Builder IDE specifically for developing FOEX applications. It includes improved wizards to quickly create FOEX pages & regions, makes it easy to configure all FOEX plugins and integrates with the APEX Page Designer adding additional features to speed up application development.

Developers can use the FDA to build apps using both regular APEX and the combination of APEX & FOEX.

Install the FDA Browser Extension


Start Download

Download file

Drag & Drop the file in your browser

Open the APEX Application Builder in Firefox, then drag & drop the downloaded xpi-file into your browser.


Accept / Install

Confirm the installation of the FOEX Developer Add-on extension in the popup window.



You're all set & ready to use the FOEX Developer Add-on. Go through the quick tour guide or just start working with the FDA to build feature-rich business applications with FOEX.

Key FDA features for apps built with:

  • Improved search box with shortcuts to most shared components
  • Konami style keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through all sections of the Application Builder
  • F10 for Applying Changes, F8 to run a Page
  • Javascript/HTML/CSS Linter and Formatter included in the Code Editor
  • Bulk duplicate option for Page Items (included in the Page Designer Tree context menu)
  • Integrated with the APEX Page Designer
  • Improved wizards to quickly create FOEX pages & regions
  • Makes it easy to configure all FOEX plugins
  • Provides additional general improvements to APEX such as:
  • text area conversion to a code editor,
  • syntax highlighting,
  • keyboard shortcuts,
  • search improvements,
  • LOV hierarchical region display and many others

There are no required changes to the APEX software for the extension to work and is completely safe to use. It uses the addon/extension capability provided by the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.