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FOEX Enterprise Framework

A suite of professional plug-ins for all of your enterprise application development needs in Oracle APEX: true single-page apps, master-detail relations between any region types, declarative drag & drop, realtime edits & synchronization using websockets, and much more.

FOEX Grid example FOEX Master-Detail Tree Grid Form Chart example FOEX Master-Detail Treegrid Grid Chart example

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide

Here are just a few reasons to choose the FOEX Enterprise Framework

Easy to Learn

PL/SQL and Oracle APEX are the only skills you need to get started.

Enterprise APEX

the FOEX Enterprise Framework makes APEX a true enterprise development tool with results comparable to ADF, Java or other tools.

Declarative Development

Use pre-built components to create the functionality you need, without needing to write lots of code.

Faster Time to Market

Developing with APEX & the FOEX Enterprise Framework is on average 5x faster than with a Java or a JavaScript framework.

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Productivity Improvement

IT ticketing application gets built 3x faster with the FOEX Enterprise Framework.

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Resource Optimization

Projects that required 30 APEX developers can now be done with a team of only 10 developers.

" I decided to give myself one week to evaluate the FOEX Enterprise Framework and make a decision. At the end of the evaluation I was hooked. I could go back to APEX and with the FOEX Enterprise Framework I could build the complex transactional applications required by ourselves and our clients. "

Raymond Allo (Principal Consultant, APEXIA)

Compatibility & Support Matrix

FOEX version APEX version Tech Support Browser Support
Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge
FOEX 20.2.x APEX 20.x Standard / SLA
APEX 19.x Standard / SLA
APEX 18.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.1.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.0.x Standard / SLA
FOEX 4.2.x APEX 19.x Standard / SLA
APEX 18.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.1.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.0.x Standard / SLA
APEX 4.2.x Standard / SLA
FOEX 4.1.x APEX 19.x Standard / SLA
APEX 18.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.1.x Standard / SLA
APEX 5.0.x Standard / SLA
APEX 4.2.x Standard / SLA
FOEX 4.0.x Purchase extended support *
FOEX 3.1.x Purchase extended support *
FOEX 3.0.x Purchase extended support *
FOEX 2.x.x Purchase extended support *
FOEX 1.x.x Purchase extended support *

*Hotfixes and patches are no longer actively provided for FOEX 4.0.x or lower. If you'd like to work with one of these FOEX versions contact us in order to purchase extended support.

More Than a Development Tool

100% AJAX-based

Shift your focus to building data-centric applications, not just web pages. With FOEX you can reduce page refresh / load times.

Security hardened

Our plugins constantly undergo rigorous security checks and support all the standard APEX features like Session State Protection, Conditions, Authorisations and Build Options.

Cross-browser compatible

With the FOEX Plugin Framework your applications are optimized to work smoothly with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome).

Powerful UI components

The FOEX Plugin Framework uses Sencha Ext JS, one of the most comprehensive Javascript UI libraries, so that you can provide users with an enhanced experience and improved design.

Integration capable

FOEX provides a rich user experience that is perfect for creating large-scale web applications, while also giving you access to all the integration capabilities that Oracle APEX provides.

Lifecycle improvements

We ensure support for 170+ plugins for Oracle APEX and guarantee the compatibility between the APEX, Ext JS and FOEX components.