From Oracle Forms to APEX & FOEX

In this example we focus on how to modernize an existing Oracle Forms application (Summit) by rebuilding it using the combination of Oracle APEX and the FOEX Plugin Framework.

The demo showcases an improved version of the Summit application and while some enhancements have been made, the application’s behavior and purpose was not considerably changed.

Click the button below to see the demo we built using version 3.0 of the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Demo description

To highlight how you can modernize an Oracle Forms application, we took the Summit sample application and rebuilt it using the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Summit is a basic Oracle Forms application which allows you to browse through a list of customers sorted by country. Additionally, you see each customer's info and view details about the orders & products sold. A screenshot of the original Summit application has been added in the demo's Welcome tab.

The application allows you to navigate through and update the existing data about an order, customer or product, add new data (such as info about a new product), display each product's summary, sales & stock values, images and popup dialogs.

What to do within the demo

Customers tab Products tab Dashboard tab Sales Rep tab

The Customers tab

  1. Browse through the list of customers sorted by country (by default Brazil is selected). See how the other regions on the page refresh their data.
  2. Look at the top region of the screen (Customers) and notice the white space which could be hidden. Click & Drag the lower part of that region to resize it and see how the 2 regions below get automatically resized as well. It allows you to display more info on screen.
  3. Click any of the chart's bars and see the info about which orders have been placed and fulfilled in that specific month. You can update several fields by clicking on the row you want to edit. Remember to press the Save Changes button to update the info.

The Products tab

  1. This screen allows you to check the existing products’ info or add/delete new products. As you browse through the list of products on the left, you’ll see the detailed product info on the right side of the screen.
  2. The product image can’t be seen in full initially. Hide the lower region (Inventory) using the arrow button on the top right side of the region.
  3. To edit a product, change the information displayed in the Edit Product region and click the Save Changes button.
  4. To add a new product follow these steps:
    a. Click the Reset button
    b. Add your new product’s info
    c. Click the Upload button and select an image (PNG or JPG)
    d. Click the Create button

The Dashboard tab

  1. Resize or hide any region by clicking (or using drag & drop on) the horizontal line at the bottom of each region
  2. The bar chart (Sales by Month) updates the info on all other regions. To refresh the chart & all regions, click on the Reset Selection button
  3. In the lower left region (Sales Ranking by Rep) you can rank the sales reps by Revenue, Commission value or Commission %
  4. The second bar chart (Sales by Country) further drives the other 2 regions below it. Try to select the bar for USA, then the one for Brazil. Which country prefers credit over cash more?

The Sales Rep tab

  1. The top region is an editable grid containing row validation:
    a. To trigger an error message, delete the first name of a salesman, then click Save
    b. Add a new first name and click Save to successfully change the row’s information
    c. To trigger an error message, change to value in the Commission% column to something other than: 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5 or 20
    d. Click Save, then hover your mouse over the cell to read the tooltip
  2. The top region drives the other 2 charts, so clicking on any of the sales reps with recorded sales revenue will update the charts
  3. For the sales reps which don’t have any sales revenue:
    a. Go to the Customers tab
    b. In the Orders region assign one of the orders to a new sales rep and click Save
    c. Refresh the Sales Rep tab and scroll the list to see the updates sales info

FOEX components used