Free APEX Plug-ins with Support

A set of documented and supported Open Source APEX plug-ins to boost your productivity and solution capabilities. Use them in any project, commercial, closed or open source. They have been designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Everything Refreshable
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency
  • Lazy Loading
  • Themerollable
  • Translatable
  • Code Centralization

The plug-ins are supported by our team of plug-in experts. We have been in business specializing in APEX plug-in development since 2012. We're an experienced team of highly skilled PL/SQL, Oracle APEX & Javascript developers.

APEX Plug-in Challenges

Open Source APEX Plug-ins are great as they provide extra features and functionality for APEX apps. They are free to use with no restrictions, they give you instant extra capabilities. You don't need to write the code, but using them comes with risks. Who is going to help with:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Version Compatibility
  • Security Guarantee
  • New Functionality
  • Documentation & Usage

Our Approach

FOS is our new company initiative to provide secure, supported, standalone open source APEX plug-ins and an APEX builder browser extension for the APEX community. All our plug-ins regularly undergo rigorous security checks. You can rely on our team to keep them working. Licensed under MIT, they are FREE to use in any project whether it is commercial, closed or open source.

You can count on us to keep them working and performing the following:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixing
  • Version Compatibility
  • Security Checks
  • Adding New Features
  • Documenting Usage

No Strings Attached

Rest assured, there are no hidden charges or dependencies on any of our other products, they are pure APEX plug-ins for regular APEX applications with no strings attached. Each plug-in works standalone, you can use just one, or you can use them all. You can use them with confidence.

For those companies that need that extra level of service and a direct support line, we can offer you a commercial support package for that extra "peace of mind" and service level agreement.


You can download the full suite of plug-ins by simply downloading our demo app, install/import, then by copying the plug-ins using the APEX builder from the demo app to the apps you intend to use them in. Alternatively you can find all our open source plug-ins on GitHub for individual download. By visiting GitHub you can raise plug-in issues, create pull requests for changes/enhancements you have made etc.


We're focused on increasing productivity and improving workflows in APEX using this initial set of plug-ins. You can find below the list of open source plug-ins that we currently provide for the current release:


Our plug-in documentation is the demo application. It has the example usage of each plug-in and their associated features. In order to provide a nicer documentation experience that people are familiar with, we decided to re-create some of the page designer features to show you the plug-in setup and attribute help text without having to login to the builder. It allows us to apply a filter per example, showing you only what is relevant, hopefully making it easier for you to understand. We hope you like it!

APEX Builder Extension

We have built a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox that enables you to edit static application, workspace, and plug-in files directly in the APEX Builder! With seamless integration into the existing builder screens it will vastly improve your development speed & workflow when dealing with Javascript, JSON, CSS, and Less files. See the image below for an example of how it looks. You can even edit multiple files as a time! We're planning to add more great features in the future...

FREE Support

If you encounter any issues with a plug-in you can raise a GitHub issue and we will investigate and resolve it. For help on usage we suggest that you refer to the demo application that we provide. It comes with examples and explanation of each plug-in's usage and is available for download here.

Optional Extra Support?

For companies that require it, we offer an optional commercial support contract for your "peace of mind" so you have a direct support line with us to help you with any issue you face using the plug-ins or browser extension e.g. you encounter a bug, an upgrade issue, have an enhancement requirement, or require assistance with their usage the support contract will cover you.

Why should I purchase extra support?

  1. You will have access to our support portal and access to all patches/hot fixes
  2. You can raise a support ticket through our support portal
  3. We guarantee a fast response and expedited bug fixes
  4. We will prioritize your enhancement and new plug-in requests
  5. Your financial contribution will help us grow the number of plug-ins we provide



Company Support Package

10 Developers

/ Year

Recommended for

All Companies

Access to our Support Portal

Ability to Raise Support Tickets

Prioritized Bug Fixes

Prioritized Enhancements


Sponsorship Instead?

If you don't need support but want to show your appreciation and support for this community initiative then you can become a "GitHub Sponsor" for the project. Your contribution will help us create more and more FREE open source APEX plug-ins for the community. You will receive recognition for your contribution and the financial support will allow us to work on bigger ideas. Don't feel obligated though, simply by using our plug-ins you are already showing your support :)


With each new APEX release, we will release a new version of FOS. This will ensure the utmost compatibility. Besides enhancements to existing plug-ins, we will include new plug-ins but may also do so between releases. The following plug-ins are currently in development: (Safe harbour applies)

Other Plug-in Ideas?

Do you have any other plug-in ideas that you think we should include in the FOS plug-in suite? Then please click the "Contact Us" button below and submit our form with your contact details and your plug-in idea.