Managing your calendar straight from the database

Webinar: Getting Started with the FOEX Calendar Add-on

Date: February 20th 2018 Duration: 35:03 Language: English

Matt Nolan, the co-founder and CTO of FOEX GmbH, talks about the FOEX Calendar Add-on - an extension to the FOEX Plugin Framework, similar in functionality and behavior with the Google Calendar.

The key features that this add-on provides are:

  1. Event recurrence support
  2. Multiple display options (Day, Multi-day, Week, Multi-week, Month)
  3. Manage events using Drag and Drop
  4. Week number support in Month View (with links to jump to Week View)
  5. Custom colors to define multiple calendars and 24h or AM/PM view
  6. Build-in CRUD handling (computation points, validations or use your own custom processing)

Check the FOEX Calendar Add-on page to learn more about this product.