Use a feature-rich set of plugins for Oracle APEX

The FOEX Enterprise Framework provides 170+ AJAX-centric plugins for Oracle APEX to build data-centric business applications with ease.

A powerful development tool for building complex applications in APEX

Large-scale systems where having rich functionality is a requirement

Applications similar in functionality to those built with Oracle Forms

Single-page applications with many Master-Detail-Detail relations

Complex projects where resources (developers, time, budget) are limited

Get more out of Oracle APEX

We provide a flexible, yet powerful, way to build complex business applications with Oracle APEX. Our tool just adds the extra functionality needed for developing applications that you would normally build using Oracle Forms, ADF, Java or other well-established technologies. Here are some of the things that FOEX adds to APEX:

True Single Page Applications

One of the most notable improvements that FOEX brings to Oracle APEX is the ability to build true single-page applications. With FOEX you can load new pages into existing ones without needing to use iFrames.

Gather all your data in one place, without having to force your users to switch between different tabs to complete tasks.

Master - Detail between any region type

Why limit yourself to a Grid-Grid or Grid-Form type of master-detail? With FOEX you can create master-detail relations between any major region types: Grids, Charts, Tree Grids, Forms, Big Number and many more.

An AJAX-centric approach

All the components found within the FOEX Plugin Framework are AJAX-centric. There's no need to reload the entire page once changes are saved within your application, only the affected regions will be updated.

Just like building blocks

Essentially, our solution represents a comprehensive set of plugins for Oracle APEX.

One of the advantages of working with plugins, instead of writting custom code, is that these components behave just like building blocks, working in a predictable fashion every time they're being used.

Lazy Loading & Rendering

The applications developed with the FOEX Plugin Framework get an added benefit from optimizing content delivery through lazy loading & lazy rendering.

By dynamically loading resources your users can explore more content without having to jump across multiple pages or wait for their browser to refresh.

Speed Up Your Development Cycle

As an application becomes more complex you will need to write custom code, or build your own plugins for APEX to provide the additional functionality required by your users. This leads to a lenghty, and often expensive, development cycle before the finished product is ready to be delivered.

Our high performance pre-built components help speed up the development process, are easy to maintain and less error-prone. Furthermore, as a developer, you get to focus on building the business logic for your application, rather than just writing code.

Writing custom code

Development control

Time-intensive to develop

Lengthy development cycle

Highly error-prone

Documentation may be missing or incomplete

Difficult to maintain if developer left, or if code changes are not documented

Build / Use free plugins

Development control

Easy to use

Shorter development cycle

Less error-prone

Documentation & demos might be available

Have to be installed individually

Support requests to many developers

Might create compatibility issues with other plugins that are being used

FOEX Plugin Framework

Development control

Easy to use

Shorter development cycle

Less error-prone

Documentation & demos available for each component

Run 1 script to install 170+ plugins

1 vendor for all support requests

Guaranteed compatibility between Oracle APEX, Ext JS and FOEX components

" We started with a 2-week standard APEX training and for the FOEX Enterprise Framework we just completed the 2-day Developer Guide. It amazes me every day just how quick it is to develop complex applications using the FOEX Enterprise Framework. "

Chris Freeman (COO, IRCS Inc)

How fast can you develop apps with the FOEX Enterprise Framework?

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