APEX Plug-In Support

Our goal is to increase the usage of APEX plug-ins in the APEX community by addressing that one critical issue: "Who is going to support me when I have a problem and need help?". If you have a plug-in that you need support for, whether it's from:

  • apex.world
  • apex-plugin.com
  • Built in-house
  • 3rd Party

We can support it for you! For open source plug-ins on Github, we will work together with the existing developer of the plug-in, whilst compensating them for their time & effort. In situations where this is not possible, or it's a plug-in built by a 3rd party or in-house, we will make the necessary changes & fixes. For open source plug-ins we can fork the plug-in to provide and issue GitHub pull requests to keep the main plug-in up to date for everyone's benefit.

APEX Plug-in Challenges

Open Source APEX Plug-ins are great as they provide extra features and functionality for APEX apps. They are free to use with no restrictions, they give you instant extra capabilities. You don't need to write the code, but using them comes with risks. Who is going to help with:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Version Compatibility
  • Security Guarantee
  • New Functionality
  • Documentation & Usage

Our Approach

FOS is our new company initiative to provide a commercial support package for existing plug-ins developed by anyone. We want you to know you can rely on our team to keep them working for the lifetime of your application. We want you to be able to use plug-ins without any worries.

You can count on us to keep them working and performing the following:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixing
  • Version Compatibility
  • Security Checks
  • Adding New Features
  • Documenting Usage

Supported APEX.world Plug-ins

Here is the initial list of plug-ins which we will be providing support for. In some cases we recommend that you switch from one of these plug-ins to the implementation we provide in our FOS suite of plug-ins e.g. "Execute PL/SQL Code" and "toastr Notifications". If there's a plug-in that you are wanting support for that is not on the list then get in contact with us.

Dynamic Actions

Plug-in Contributors

The following open source APEX plug-in developers are part of this support initiative:

Daniel Hochleitner

Daniel Hochleitner

Oracle APEX Developer

Stefan Dobre

Stefan Dobre

Oracle APEX Developer

Ronny Weiß

Ronny Weiß

Oracle APEX Developer

Matan Poran

Matan Poran

Oracle APEX Developer

Support Application

In order to provide an improved level of support, we are in the process of building a plug-in support application. The application currently provides functionality for:

It will show all applications in your workspace
It will point out which applications are using old versions of plug-ins
It will point out which applications are using unsupported plug-ins and suggest a replacement
It can perform on-demand updating of supported plug-ins to the latest version
It can perform on-demand replacing of unsupported plug-ins with their recommended replacement
It can automatically convert the pages using the SuperLOV plug-in to use the new APEX Popup LOV plug-in

We will be improving this application over time adding new features based on customer feedback and enhancement requests. Our goal is to provide you with more tools to manage your usage of plug-ins.

Support Package

We offer a commercial support contract for your "peace of mind" so you have a direct support line with us to help you with any issue you face using your plug-ins e.g. you encounter a bug, an upgrade issue, have an enhancement requirement, or require assistance with their usage. The support contract will cover you in these cases.

Why should I purchase support?

You will have access to our support portal and access to all patches/hot fixes
You can raise a support ticket through our support portal
We guarantee a fast response with a service level agreement
We will prioritize your enhancement and new plug-in requests
Your financial contribution will help us grow the number of plug-ins we support



Company License

10 Developers

/ Year

Recommended for

All Companies

Access to our Support Portal

Ability to Raise Support Tickets

Prioritized Bug Fixes

Prioritized Enhancements

Plug-in Support Application


If you have any other APEX plug-ins that need support or would like have additional APEX.world plug-ins included in our support service, please click the "Contact Us" button below and submit our form with your contact details.