The FOEX Reporting Add-on

Key Benefits

Easily create reports as Word, Excel or PDF files

One click XLS export from the FOEX Grid, Tree or Tree Grid

Create custom reports using a Dynamic Action plugin

Available also for on-premise installation

Works with regular APEX applications and regions as well

Can be used as the perfect replacement for Oracle Reports

Multiple Document Formats

Easily merge any type of data (text, image, charts etc.) found within a FOEX application with any template that you create using the FOEX Reporting Add-on.

This add-on enables you to export data into Word, Excel or PDF document formats following these 3 simple steps:

Create a reporting template
Select the data from a database
Integrate the data into your template

Integrated with powerful FOEX components

The FOEX Reporting Add-on is perfectly integrated with powerful FOEX components such as the FOEX Grid, Tree, or Tree Grid, supporting native XLS data export.

Refine the data that you want to export from your Grid, Tree or Tree Grid and the reporting add-on will understand the filtering that was applied.

Custom Reports

Generate custom reports with the FOEX Reporting Add-on by using the templates you created in Word or Excel and combining them with a SQL statement.

See our demos

Go to our public documentation app and click the 'Reporting' section on the left to check the demos that we've created for the FOEX Reporting Add-on.

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A step-by-step guide containing everything you need to know to quickly get started with the FOEX Reporting Add-on.

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