APEXIA uses Oracle APEX & FOEX to develop all-in-one, data-centric business applications


Application Development



Key points

APEXIA was searching for a development tool that would provide similar functionality to what Oracle Forms could offer.

An application that took 12 months to built was redeveloped with Oracle APEX & FOEX in only 5 months.

Due to FOEX’s functionality the development team was able to focus on the app’s business logic, rather than just on writing code.

The Customer

APEXIA is an Australian IT company with over 25 years of Oracle experience. They specialize in developing business solutions using Oracle APEX and offer a broad range of other services in the areas of Oracle Database, Middleware, eBusiness Suite and Hosting.

As a trusted partner, APEXIA aims to deliver high quality and innovative business solutions for their customers worldwide within budget and on time, allowing them to realise the full potential of their investment.

The Challenge

FOEX Success Stories: APEXIA

After just 12 months the development team realized that the PL/SQL based tool they picked had a couple of shortcomings, among which: the developer productivity wasn’t as good as initially estimated and the vendor didn’t seem to have any plans to upgrade the Ext JS version that was used by the framework. This meant that APEXIA would potentially miss on any of the improvements brought to Ext JS in later versions.

The Solution



"I decided to give myself one week to evaluate FOEX and make a decision. At the end of the evaluation I was hooked. I could go back to APEX and with FOEX I could build the complex transactional applications required by ourselves and our clients."

Raymond Allo (Principal Consultant, APEXIA)