appsmode GmbH picks FOEX as trusted vendor for enhancing APEX with multiple plugins


Custom EBS extensions


Information Technology

Key points

appsmode GmbH needed to create a complex data entry tool with custom EBS extensions

The development tools taken into consideration provided limited flexibility and features

After a successful project the team chooses FOEX as the standard RAD tool to build EBS extensions

The Customer

Founded in 2012 by experienced consultants, appsmode GmbH specializes in providing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) services, helping customers leverage their investments in Oracle EBS.

The company provides a wide range of services for Oracle EBS, among which building custom solutions and extensions meant to increase the efficiency for data entry and transaction processing. The choice in architecture and innovative solution design allows appsmode to provide improved analytics and reporting features, specifically tailored to meet customer requirements.

The Challenge

Approached by a customer to create a solution including custom built EBS extensions, the appsmode team faced the challenge of providing end users with information dense forms which have many Master-Detail and Master-Detail-Detail relationships.

The main challenge the team faced was the complexity in data entry, as users needed multiple views for the same form, based on user permissions and workflow.

As the E-Business Suite used the Oracle Application Framework to create the user interface, this option was initially considered. However, it quickly became clear that this framework would not be exible or light enough to deliver what was needed in a cost effective manner.

FOEX Success Stories: appsmode GmbH

The next option considered was Oracle Application Express, as it had already established itself as an EBS extension tool of choice, but taking into account the project’s requirements, it was still limited in its exibility and feature set, compared with what a traditional Forms application would offer. A Forms application, on the other hand, was limited in delivering a modern user experience. Next, the team suggested enhancing APEX using multiple plugins from di erent vendors, but due to concerns regarding maintenance and having multiple 3rd party dependencies or UI inconsistencies, this idea was disapproved.

The Solution

While searching for alternatives, appsmode found the FOEX Plugin Framework, a development tool they could use to build the application according to the customer’s specific requirements, while also solving the 3rd party plugins’ maintenance and UI inconsistency issues expressed previously.

Thanks to the innovative capabilities of FOEX, appsmode was able to deliver a complete solution, achieving more than what was initially planned. At the same time, the company adopted the FOEX Plugin Framework as their standard tool for building EBS extensions.


"Thanks to FOEX, we get to spend much more time on the business logic of the application. Most importantly, we can deliver applications that put data into context and allow users to navigate across the many dimensions of their commercial data."

Alex Hafner (Systems Architect, appsmode GmbH)