IT ticketing system gets built 3x faster with the FOEX Plugin Framework


Application development



Key points

ELK needed to build a ticket management application to improve their internal operations

One of the requirements was to build this system in a short period of time with limited manpower

The combination of APEX and the FOEX Plugin Framework allowed ELK to decrease the development time by 300%

The Customer

ELK is one of the leading house manufacturing companies in Austria and on the European market, founded in 1959. With more than 40 years of experience ELK has served over 40,000 customers through a wide range of products that include: prefabricated houses, commercial buildings, motels, hotels, log cabins for private customers, corporate multi-story residential buildings and municipal buildings.

By combining their expertise in house construction with the high quality customer support service, multiple certifications and licenses, ELK has been a reliable partner for building homes internationally.

The Challenge

FOEX Success Stories: ELK Fertighaus

The Solution

Thanks to FOEX, ELK’s this new application is very easy to manage and the company can use it for all sorts of internal projects. Impressed by the flexibility and additional functionality that the FOEX Plugin Framework provides, ELK decided to build two additional software applications using a team of just two developers.

Today, these systems make the company’s operations more efficient and the IT team plans to develop additional applications using the combination of APEX & FOEX in the near future.


"The combination of APEX & FOEX provides us with a powerful and efficient tool for developing modern applications. If it wasn’t for these tools we wouldn’t have been able to finish our project."

Christopher Ferkl (IT Manager, ELK Fertighaus GmbH)