IRCS chooses FOEX to rebuild behavioral EHR and billing software


Oracle Forms Replacement



Key points

The team had to rebuilt an EHR and billing software (Iris), initially built with Oracle Forms & Reports

IRCS Inc. was looking for a RAD tool that allowed them to easily create the software with limited resources

The new natively supported solution runs both in the cloud and on premises

The Customer

IRCS Inc. is a leading consulting and technology services firm focused on the behavioral healthcare industry in the USA. The company helps customers plan their investments in design and technology, implement projects that drive competitive advantage and manage critical applications to improve business performance.

A deep understanding of the technology and the people who use it, combined with the design, program management and industry expertise, make IRCS a reliable partner and key vendor for its growing base of customers on the US market.

The Challenge

For many years, Iris was a standard software application used to manage administrative tasks within the behavioral healthcare industry. The solution was build using Oracle Forms & Reports.

In order to provide more information details on the application’s screen while keeping the same user experience, IRCS needed to rebuild the entire application using newer technologies.

In their initial assessment, IRCS considered using the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle Web Forms and Oracle APEX. However some of the options initially considered were quickly discarded, as using ADF and Web Forms proved to be too complex.

FOEX Success Stories: IRCS Inc

The Solution

Through their online research, IRCS’s COO, Chris Freeman and lead developer, Shane Walker learned about the FOEX Plugin Framework. After meeting with FOEX’s CEO, Peter Raganitsch, they’ve realized that the features and functionalities available within the framework match their specific requirements perfectly.

The combination of APEX and FOEX gave IRCS the tools required to create the application that their customers needed. By using the powerful set of pre-built plugins and feature-rich components within the framework, IRCS’s development team was able to quickly build the entire application using limited resources.

The new software solution, called Vireo, was designed to reduce time spent with the administrative process and did combine several modules starting from scheduling, to billing, reporting and online clinical documentation. Additionally, the fact that the new solution is natively supported enabled it to run both on premises, as well as in the cloud, giving it a unique selling advantage.


"We started with a 2-week standard APEX training and for the FOEX Plugin Framework we just completed the 2-day Developer Guide. It amazes me every day just how quick it is to develop complex applications using the FOEX Plugin Framework."

Chris Freeman (COO, IRCS Inc)