FOEX enables financial consulting company to integrate Ext JS in APEX


Application Development


Risk Management

Key points

May & June was searching for a solution to shorten the application development cycle.

Using the FOEX Plugin Framework helped with fast prototyping based on the client’s requirements.

With FOEX, the company was able to decrease costs and development time, enabling them to work with the same customer for 5+ years.

The Customer

May & June is a South Korean company specialized in providing risk consulting and system implementation services for financial institutions and trading companies, focusing on Basel II compliant market risk and Energy Trading and Risk Management area.

Established in 2003, the company worked on various topics in risk management such as risk strategy, policy setting, control implementation and system implementation.

The Challenge

FOEX Success Stories: May & June

Another challenge that May & June’s developers had to overcome was gathering clear customer requirements. Often times the risk managers and traders would wait until an application’s page was developed and then start requiring modifications, or request new features and functionality too late in the development stage. The team needed an agile method through which their developers could show a prototype early in the development stage and gather user feedback as quickly as possible, then work in short iterations to reach customer approval.

As the business continued to grow and together with it the complexity of each new project, the company began the search for a tool that could enhance the functionality of APEX in order to satisfy their new customers’ requirements. Since building vanilla APEX apps was not a solution accepted by their customers, May & June considered using Ext JS and developing their own extensions in-house.

The Solution

The custom themes provided within the FOEX Plugin Framework also enabled the company to provide customized application UIs for the different systems that the customer is using.

Developer productivity also improved and the team was able to deliver full reports on a daily basis, instead of spending weeks building each one.