Oracle APEX & FOEX Training Courses

Whether you're just getting started with Oracle APEX or are a new FOEX user, our team is here to support you.

Our trainers have significant expertise of working with Oracle APEX and are available for both on-site and remote training courses.

What do we teach

APEX Training

Understand the basic concepts of developing applications with Oracle APEX

APEX / FOEX Best Practices

A series of examples and use cases to improve your development process

FOEX Training (introduction)

Get an overview of the basic concepts of using the FOEX Plugin Framework

FOEX Training (advanced)

Deep dive into the more complex functionality of our solution

Why work with us

  • We tailor each course to your company’s specific needs,

  • Our trainers are experienced APEX developers with more than 35 years of combined experience,

  • You choose what you want to learn - be it just APEX or APEX & FOEX,

  • You control the length of the training course