The FOEX Translation Add-on


The FOEX Translation Add-on is an extension to the FOEX Plugin Framework which speeds up the standard application translation process and can be utilized for translating both pure Oracle APEX and FOEX applications.

With this tool we are building on top of the Oracle APEX translation process and provide an easy-to-use solution for you to create translation mappings, seed, translate and publish.

No need to use XLIFF files again

The FOEX Translation Add-on enables you to speed up the application translation process by translating the text directly in the grid. This eliminates the need to use XLIFF files, thus making the whole process run faster.

By using this add-on you reduce the number of steps required when translating an application from six to just three, regardless of whether the app is built using Oracle APEX or with the combination of Oracle APEX & the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Built-in self-learning dictionary

The FOEX Translation Add-on has a built-in self-learning dictionary. Starting with the first translation, the dictionary "learns" from the used vocabulary.

When translating to a language family member and no translation is available for a text, the base language dictionary is used. If a text has more than one translations available, the one which is used more often will be chosen by default.

Label your translations with ease

Assign labels to the translated texts and ensure that all fields have been properly translated before publishing your application.

These status labels work independently of the translation process and were designed to provide an easy-to-use way to manage and organize your app(s) translation(s).

Text to be translated Valid translation
Text was translated Approved translation
Auto-translated text Text needs to be revised

On-Demand Webinar

Check out this recorded webinar to get a detailed overview of how to streamline your applications' translation process using the FOEX Translation Add-on.


A step-by-step guide containing everything you need to know to quickly get started with installing and translating your application using the FOEX Translation Add-on.

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