What's new in FOEX 3.1

Grid Enhancements

In FOEX 3.1 our grid component becomes even more powerful with additional client-side validations that are performed in cell edit mode, before the grid is saved, reducing the amount of AJAX calls back to the server.

The Select Row(s) and Refresh Rows dynamic actions have also been enhanced and now support multiple selections. Both now support regular expressions for performing column search and client-side substitutions.

Icon Button Item Plugin

Building on top of Font Awesome/Font APEX, you can now define icons, resize and place them either in a toolbar or a form.

This component supports:

  • set custom icon size
  • active/disabled color change
  • help text
  • use icons in read-only mode

Return/Display Item Plugin

A component familiar to Forms developers that behaves similar to the Grid Combo and which enables you to perform a record lookup based on its ID.

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