Compatible with APEX 5.1

Touch Screen Device Support

With FOEX 3.0 you are able to build and run your applications on tablets (or smartphones) with no additional modification.

Improved UX

A great user interface goes beyond some good looking graphics. FOEX 3.0 enables you to design visually compelling web applications for desktop, tablets and smartphones using the high-performance UI components of Sencha ExtJS 6.2.

Grid Enhancements? You Bet!

The FOEX grid is arguably one the most popular components and in this new version we’ve made it even more powerful.

FOEX 3.0 introduces new functionality such as: multiple search, expander rows and column multisort.

New Themes

FOEX 3.0 comes with new themes (Triton, Triton dark & Aria) that are meant to improve accessibility and facilitate an easier navigation in your applications.

New Layout Options

FOEX 3.0 adds even more layout styles that can be used in regions, panes, forms, and windows. These include: Absolute, Auto, Center, HBox -> VBox and Anchor.

New Features

The new navigation region plugin offers a fast and easy solution for users to navigate to other pages in your application.

Keyboard Navigation

For our power-users navigating using the keyboard is often faster than with a mouse. FOEX 3.0 comes with improved navigation functionality specifically designed to enable you to speed up development.

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