Easily Add Values to LOV's

Sometimes you have LOV’s in your application where users need to add a new value to the list. As a developer it’s normally an annoyance/cumbersome process to provide a button next to the list that opens a popup with a form to add the extra value, especially if you have 5 or more LOV’s to provide this functionality for.

From this version onwards we now take this headache away for you, all you need to do is add a few settings to your LOV and we will take care of the rest.

(Click to see the demo video)

New APEX Integration Showcase

See how you can use the grid or tree grid as a standalone region on a regular APEX page. The regions will work with responsive design and auto resize on window resize and navigation collapse.

Alternatively you can use everything FOEX has to offer on a regular APEX page by starting with a layout region as the parent region and then nest whichever FOEX plugin you like below. For existing developers already using FOEX all you need to do is switch your viewport to the “FOEX Layout” plugin. This means that you can take advantage of everything FOEX has to offer like single page application design without having to re-develop your application.